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OHIO: An Ohio man has been charged with murder in connection with the disappearance of his fiancee. Katelyn Markham, an art student, disappeared almost 12 years ago before she was found dead. On Wednesday, March 22, 34-year-old John Carter was taken into custody at the Butler County Jail.

The Hamilton native has been charged with two counts of felony murder. The indictment unsealed Thursday, March 23, stated: “On or about August 13, 2011, through August 14, 2011, in Butler County, Ohio, John Allen Carter knowingly caused the death of Katelyn Markham, thereby constitutes the crime of murder.” ” reported People.

Katelyn Markham Age

The age of Katelyn Markham was 22 years.


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Katelyn Markham was killed fiance

The 22-year-old art student was last seen at her Fairfield home on August 13, 2011. With plans to move to Colorado with her fiancée, she was just months away from graduating from the Art Institute. from Cincinnati. In April 2013, about 30 miles west of the missing girl’s home, Markham’s remains were discovered in a dumpster in Cedar Grove. Her death was ruled a homicide. Authorities have not released information related to the evidence that led to Carter’s arrest and Makhram’s cause of death.

Following Carter’s arrest, the victim’s father said he was not surprised that his fiancée was detained. Speaking to Fox 19, Dave Markham said: “It’s not a surprise. I mean, I was suspicious of him all along. I think a lot of people, if not the vast majority, were suspicious of him.”

“Statistically, it’s the spouse or the boyfriend or you know, I mean, [a large percentage] of cases like this, it’s their spouse or boyfriend or fiancé. So if you’re looking at it, it should have happened,” he said.


On the day of his disappearance, Carter, who was believed to be the last person to see the victim alive, called 911 to report his missing fiancée. He told authorities that Markham, who worked at David’s Bridal near the Tri-County Mall, did not show up for work. “I know you’re not supposed to report a missing person for 24 hours, but my fiancée is missing and I can’t find her anywhere,” Carter said.

According to WCPO-TV, except for Markham’s cell phone, not all of his personal belongings were found in his apartment. However, the GPS location data from his cell phone was disabled. Throughout the search for Markham, her fiancé publicly advocated for her return and was actively involved in her search. More than a decade ago, Carter told WCPO-TV: “I still believe that if she’s somewhere in the worst case, she’s going to fight her way out. I still want to believe that. Because she’s strong. I know she’s strong. “Read More……

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