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A California journalist and New York University graduate who “lit up the newsroom” died during a freak accident involving a swinging rope on August 12, according to station KCRA from her work. Kathryn Hoedt, 23, died after witnesses said she fell 30 feet from the rope swing onto rocks along the shoreline at Folsom Lake, just 24 miles from Sacramento.

Friends who were with Hoedt helped carry her to a nearby boat ramp where park officials were at the time. An off-duty medic performed CPR before an ambulance arrived to transport Hoedt to Sutter Roseville Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

“I can’t believe she’s real, you know, she was such a bright light,” her mother, Beth, told KCRA. “Today, I tried to do some work, and it was very, very difficult because I knew Katie would never call me again, and it would be something I would never get used to.” Hoedt graduated from San Jose State University in 2021 before earning her master’s degree from New York University in 2022. The Sacramento native stayed close to home and in October 2022 joined KCRA 3, where she produced the show station morning.


Kathryn Hoedt Age

The age of Kathryn Hoedt was 23 year.

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How Kathryn Hoedt was died?

“Our team is heartbroken by the loss of Katie Hoedt,” said KCRA 3 news director Derek Schnell. She “she had a vibrant personality, she lit up the newsroom with her enthusiasm and her laugh was contagious. “She too was proud to be a journalist and she was deeply committed to serving our community. Katie had a bright future ahead of her and she will be sorely missed.”

News station KCRA 3 wrote on her website: “Her co-workers universally said that she was one of the nicest people they had ever worked with.” Rope swings are not allowed on the lake, according to local authorities. “This is something we don’t allow here at state parks, and we make an effort to reduce the rope swings we see due to situations like this,” said Mike Howard, the agency’s Folsom sector superintendent.


A California park official also advised against the use of rope swings in the area. You don’t know who put up the rope swing. You don’t know how strong that is. You don’t know the tree, the branch. Anything can give way and it’s extremely dangerous,” Barry Smith, chief ranger for the California State Parks Gold Fields District, told KCRA.

Changes in Folsom Lake’s water levels have been made known to residents over the years, according to the Sacramento Bee. Howard noted that the lake has fallen 15 feet since May, exposing more shoreline and increasing the distance one can fall from a rope swing.Read More……

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