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A Texas couple is suing a Maryland man after he allegedly filmed them on hidden cameras having sex in the bathroom of their Airbnb house they rented from him. Kayelee Gates and her fiance Christian Capraro had taken a 23-hour drive to Silver Spring, Maryland, to spend two nights in a house in August 2022 when, to her terror, they found the hidden cameras.

During their first night, the couple got “intimacy in the shared bathroom” before “lying on the bed, putting on a movie and starting to wind down,” according to court documents obtained by Fox 5 DC. As he lay in bed, Capraro, who installs smoke detectors for a living, became suspicious after noticing that the room had two smoke detectors, one above the bed in the middle of the ceiling and one in the corner.

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Kayelee Gates and her fiance Christian Capraro caught a hidden camera

Capraro found a hidden camera in the detector above the bed, according to the lawsuit. An identical hidden camera was found in the bathroom. The couple decided to leave immediately. Capraro removed the hidden camera from the bedroom and they went to a hotel to call the Montgomery County Police Department. Gates said she felt “shame, humiliation, embarrassment and loss of dignity” over the incident.

“I’ve definitely had a lot of crying sessions about it,” Gates told Fox 5 DC. “I can feel my heart start to pound and flutter every time I start to think about a situation. Every time I start thinking about the situation, I get a little nervous even talking about it.”

When police responded to the house, they found an additional hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in the basement where another guest had stayed. The couple’s attorney, Dan Whitney, Jr., said his worst fear is not knowing where the recording might have gone, likening it to opening Pandora’s box. “Once that box is opened, once that recording is made, it’s impossible to know where it went, who sent it, was it shared, was it uploaded to the internet.” he told the outlet.


Christopher J. Goisse, a licensed psychiatric nurse in Maryland, owns and leased the property to the couple. Goisse was staying in the home’s master bedroom when police arrived, according to the lawsuit. He originally agreed to let the police search the house, but refused to let the officers into the bedroom of his twin brother, Larry Goisse, who was also staying at the house.

Christopher led the police to believe that his brother was not home at the time. But the policemen soon realized that he was, in fact, in the bedroom. The brother “eventually surfaced, presumably after taking the time to destroy the evidence,” the lawsuit claims. In Larry’s room, the cops found a locked safe, and the brother refused to give them the code.

Police returned later that day with a search warrant and opened the safe to discover “multiple hidden cameras, including but not limited to the hidden camera smoke detectors that were removed from the bathroom.” Larry Goisse is currently behind bars for a separate incident. He pleaded guilty on Oct. 4, 2022, to federal charges of drug diversion and health care fraud, the lawsuit says. At his sentencing, his attorney reportedly described Larry Goisse as addicted to methamphetamine and mentally ill.Read More…….


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