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TORONTO, CANADA – Kayla Lemieux a transgender teacher who made headlines for wearing giant prosthetic breasts in class, no longer teaches at Oakville Trafalgar High School. She was put on leave after relentless protests from concerned parents, some of whom formed a lobby group called ‘Students First Ontario’ to lead efforts to oust the teacher from the school.

Lemieux was criticized by parents, students and activist groups after images surfaced of the trans educator with large prosthetic breasts under tight clothing. The removal of the teacher came after The New York Post published photos of a man who looked like Lemieux and was accused of wearing “men’s sweatpants, sneakers, a gray T-shirt and a navy vest with no breasts, makeup , glasses or wig” off school grounds.

While not currently on active assignment, the teacher continues to work with the (Halton District School Board),” Oakville Trafalgar High School spokeswoman Heather Francey told The Toronto Sun, noting how the “board has supported to Lemieux at all times.”


Francey’s comments were one of the few official statements the school board issued in light of the controversy. Lemieux, however, has claimed that she suffers from gigantomastia, a rare condition in which the breasts “they become excessively large” and “can cause pain, infection, discomfort, and body image issues,” according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Kayla Lemieux Age

The age of Kayla Lemieux is not known.

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Kayla Lemieux’s incident detail

Canadian parents in the school district ran multiple campaigns calling for the removal of the trans educator. Angry families created a GoFundMe legal fund to sue Oakville Trafalgar High School to force them to make Lemieux comply with the dress code. The fundraiser was started by Students First Ontario, a parent-led activist group seeking a uniform dress code for secondary school teachers.


Photos of Lemieux went viral last year thanks to her Z-cup-sized prosthetic breasts with protruding nipples that she wore under tight clothing. Some concerned parents decided to lobby the school board to meet their demands, and Students First Ontario was born. “Since the start of the Fall 2022 term, Oakville Trafalgar High School (OTHS) students have become part of an international media spectacle: testing the boundaries of ‘diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)’ and ‘identity and expression’ in a school setting,” read the group’s website.

Students First Ontario describes itself as “a group of parents, students and other concerned members of the Oakville community of the Halton District School Board (HDSB),” adding, “We believe that public education administrators in Ontario are failing in their core mission of ‘Putting students’ interests and welfare first’.” The group’s mission statement is “to provide a principled, strategic, and effective voice for liberal democratic principles in support of student and parental rights.”

The Halton District School Board voted on a new dress code for teachers on Wednesday, March 1, but parents were unhappy with the lack of detail in the ruling. According to The National Post, teacher attire is covered by the board’s “professionalism policy” in the new code.


“The draft policy is yet again an example of HDSB’s inability to develop a policy that addresses the issue at hand: the dress code and professionalism of teachers to ensure students attend classes in a safe environment. and free from distractions. said Students First Ontario spokeswoman Celina Close. She accused the school board of avoiding the issue, adding: “Where is the urgency and willingness to work with parents and put students first?”

A mother told the board at Wednesday’s meeting that she had a duty to protect children. “Both parents and schools teach children about the importance of boundaries and consent. Boundaries define professionalism in the education system and must be respected for all in order to restore public trust in the [school district],” he said, receiving applause from other parents. who called for strict dress codes following the Lemieux controversy. The board ultimately recommended that the Director of Education devise a professionalism policy “to maintain appropriate and professional standards of dress and decorum in the classroom,” according to the Halton District School Board.Read More…..

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