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GEORGIA: Khalil Pugh  18, was involved in a car accident after he allegedly crashed his gray Toyota Camry in the parking lot of a Georgia Walmart and slammed it into the front doors on Wednesday, March 15. The fatal accident took the life of Florida. veteran Kenneth Kennedy, 66, and injured at least three others. However, authorities have yet to confirm a clear tally of injured victims.

Additionally, during a court hearing, the 18-year-old suspect allegedly flashed the judge two middle fingers after being denied bail for the gruesome accident as bailiffs led him out of court. Pugh’s gesture drew huge gasps from the horrified audience, with an apparent family member even approaching the suspect and telling him to “fix it,” WCTV reported. “That’s what you call having no remorse,” one officer said after the blast.

Thomasville police are seeking to try him for murder after evidence suggested the 18-year-old intentionally caused the crash, investigators said. The suspect was captured on surveillance footage driving a gray Toyota Camry over the speed limit before crashing into the Georgia Walmart, local media reported. During the fatal accident, Pugh was accompanied by another person sitting in the passenger seat. After the accident, the suspect allegedly tried to flee the scene of the crime but was caught by shoppers, authorities said.


Khalil Pugh Age

The age of Khalil Pugh is 18 years,

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Khalil Pugh killed Kennedy, a 66-year-old Florida veteran

Following the accident, the unidentified individual was also brought in for questioning. Although it is not clear if the person will be charged. A chilling mugshot of Pugh showed the suspect smiling eerily displaying arrogant contempt. Officers claimed the suspect has a criminal record after being previously arrested for attempting to steal cars from a separate location. Pugh faces 11 charges including malicious murder, felony murder, vehicular manslaughter, aggravated assault with intent to murder, driving under the influence and reckless driving reported by sources.

Kennedy, a 66-year-old Florida veteran who died in the crash, served in the military for 25 years. He later worked for the US Postal Service for another 17 years. He, too, was an active member at a Monticello church and was laid to rest Monday at Tallahassee National Cemetery. “He never met a stranger and was a true friend to all who knew him,” says the obituary for him. The Florida veteran is survived by his wife, daughter and two grandchildren, the source said.Read More…..


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