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Don Brooks, often known as “Don-A-Matrix,” has been the personal trainer for the Kardashian/Jenner family for many years. Although he currently works out with Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim, the fitness expert has also trained Kylie and Kanye West on occasion over the years. Other clientele of his outside of the celebrity family have included artist Trey Songz and actor Josh Duhamel.

Don now has his own facility in Los Angeles where he performs his signature ‘Matrix Method’ exercise. Don, a former NFL coach, has passed on his knowledge to his clients by teaching the program in four rooms, like a football game. This allows for planned stops and hydration breaks, as well as getting the most out of each player. Don Brooks is a famous trainer, nutritionist, and inventor of the Matrix Method workout.

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Khloe Kardashian is 38 years old.


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He has always been passionate about promoting healthy living and helping his clients become their best selves. The Don Brooks Matrix Method workout is meant to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle. For people who want to get in shape but don’t have the time to devote to a full cardio workout, the Don Brooks Matrix Method is a great approach to losing weight while doing some aerobic activity. Khloe posted on Instagram on Dec.

5 to complain about how hard Don has been making her workouts, adding that she was too tired to care about his “shape” at the time. A Reddit user named HolyKimyeWest shared his workout footage where fans voiced their concerns, noting that such an intensive workout needs to be closely monitored and his form should be a cause for concern. A fan on Reddit commented below the thread, “His poor back 😣.”

Another fan criticized her for pushing the narrative that her body is the result of exercise and proper diet alone, while also reminding her that both Khloe and her trainer should monitor everything: “She should care about her shape. Just like their trainer. Ridiculous. Their bodies are not the result of exercising and eating right. It is outrageous that they are pushing this narrative.” One fan went on to say, “”I don’t care about my shape” um…you don’t get fit without proper shape. So just pointing more to the fact that her weight loss and her shape are fabricated.”


Another fan added: “Right?! Her body will suffer a lot in five years of doing this shit.” After his ex Tristan Thompson’s alleged cheating scandal last year and the birth of her second child via surrogate in August 2022, the star has slimmed down considerably. While some may believe that she has gone too far with her weight loss, Khloe continues to wow her Instagram fans. However, fans are concerned that True’s mom trains with Don, not paying much attention to her form. Khloe Kardashian frequently jokes about how crazy her trainer, Don Brooks, is for coming up with excruciating routines when she posts fitness-related content.

The exercise she just did with Don, aka Don-A-Matrix, may have been the hardest she’s ever done. Khloe claimed in a series of Instagram Stories that Don made her perform bear crawls while she was carrying over 100 pounds, yes literally 100, of weight. There’s no doubt it’s tough, but when the ‘Kardashians’ star complained on Instagram about an hour-long workout that made her care less about her shape, she got some heat from fans. .

As tempting as she must have been, Khloe didn’t run away. The ‘The Kardashian’ star shared clips of some of the strength training she completed between sets of bear claws. Before running on a treadmill and then sledding, she took a few pictures of herself in front of the gym mirror. Her trainer could be heard encouraging her to lift heavy weights as she captioned the story, “I don’t care about my shape here. I’m dying. An hour of torture from this monster” tagging Don. So who is Don Brooks?


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