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Two teenagers who died in a collision while riding an electric bike are pictured for the first time today after their tragic deaths sparked riots in Cardiff overnight. Best friends Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, were struck by a vehicle near their homes on Snowden Road, in the deprived suburb of Ely, around 6pm on Monday.

But violence erupted after false rumors circulated on social media that a police manhunt was behind the deaths, and riot officers were sent in to quell the disturbances and make arrests.

Dog teams were also on the scene after numerous 999 calls from terrified locals, some of whom had their vehicles overturned and set on fire in scenes compared to a “war zone”.


Downing Street today said the carnage was “appalling and completely unacceptable”, adding: “We remain grateful to the emergency services and first responders for all their support for the community and restoring order.”

Meanwhile, speaking in the Senedd about the incident, Jane Hutt, the Welsh social justice minister, said more arrests are expected.

She added: “But clearly this is something our thoughts are also with the community, such a warm and strong community.”


The area is being cleared today after up to 150 thugs, many wearing ski masks, set fire to and vandalized cars and hurled paving slabs and fireworks at police, injuring 12 officers.

Grieving mother Belinda Sullivan, 42, called for calm after anger erupted on the streets.

She said she was prevented from seeing her son’s body in the development after crowds gathered in the street to attack police with Molotov cocktails and stones.


She wrote: ‘My son is still lying on the floor because of this riot. I am sitting at home with a broken heart, there are two broken families right now.

Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans Age

The age of Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans was 15 and 16 years.

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Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans cause of death

“I just want to see my son and I can’t because of this riot that has happened. Please, I beg you to stop and let my son be taken to the hospital so he can see him, we need to see our children.” [sic] The couple was known for riding electric scooters through the streets despite a crackdown on illegal driving.


Harvey’s godmother said she cut her hair and had dinner with her mother Nadine just 10 minutes before she died along with her “best friend of hers” as they rode together on an electric bike South- £4,000 rum. Bridy Bool said the young man “loved motorbikes, bicycles and football” and that she had done nothing to provoke what she described as a police chase.

She said: ‘The poor boy was lying there until 2:40 a.m. They have taken his body away and they won’t tell anyone where he is. We don’t know what hospital they took him to or anything. His mother is going to go crazy because she doesn’t know where her son is. She added: ‘They had just come out of their mothers’ houses, they had just had tea.

I had just had dinner. He had been out of his mom’s house for 10 minutes and this happened. He had been home all day with his mother.


“She cut her hair, came home, ate and this happened and her face was uncovered, she was not wearing a ski mask. ‘These poor families were innocent children with bare faces.’

She said the families had no support and family liaison officers had not yet come to the parents’ house for fear of riots. ‘They have not been told anything about the incident, they have been left in the dark. The police have not confirmed his identity, no one has been told anything.

She said her goddaughter was a “typical young guy who loved to socialize.” She added: ‘He was a social butterfly, he loved his bikes, he loved the bikes, he loved his football. He was a typical 15 year old boy. Speaking to MailOnline, friends of the two boys said they were ‘bike bosses’ who had grown up together in a tough area in West Cardiff.


A teenager said that the couple had been involved in incidents with a local police officer who was hassling them. John Silver, 19, said: ‘Kyrees and Harvey were best friends, they grew up together and always had bikes. “They started out on bikes, but they were on electric bikes when they got killed, just having fun. They’re legal, but the police don’t like the boys in them. One particular officer would try to run them off the road whenever he saw them.

“Police say they weren’t chasing the children, but if that officer was in the area they would want to stay away from him.” Silver said the boys loved riding dirt bikes on the mud roads along the Ely property.

He added: ‘They were motorcycle fans, but they used electric bikes on the roads around their houses. They both had one. ‘They are legal, quite safe and do not emit emissions. I don’t know why the police think they are a problem. ‘Kyrees and Harvey were just youngsters having fun on their bikes. They were good children and did no harm.


He added: ‘It was an electric bike, they often rode it together. I don’t know who it belonged to but it looked like a standard pedal bike but had an electric motor. Another Ely teenager, who did not want to be named, said: “People were saying the kids were being followed, but I don’t think the police were after them.”

“It’s more that Kyrees and Harvey are always on the lookout for the police because in the past they’ve been deliberately knocked off their bikes.”

He came out on social networks that the boys were being persecuted and everything started from there. Plaid Cymru Senedd member for South Wales Central, Heledd Fychan, said: ‘My thoughts are with the families of the two teenagers who tragically lost their lives last night, and my thoughts are with the whole community as they rebuild.


“There must now be a full investigation to understand how this tragic incident led to the violence that followed to ensure peace is restored and this never happens again.” One woman said the area looked like a ‘war zone’ today as teams of municipal workers tried to clear the road of rubble.

Alun Michael, South Wales Police Crime and Labor Commissioner, said two young men died after a road accident, and then false rumors spread about police involvement. South Wales Police said the accident had “already occurred by the time officers arrived”. A high-ranking officer at the scene said a member of the public was targeted because rioters thought he was an undercover police officer.

Mr Michael said: ‘There was a traffic accident involving two teenagers on a bike or off road scooter and sadly they were killed. That is an incident, obviously, that is being investigated in its own right. “That appears to have sparked the mess in which a dozen officers were injured, thankfully none of them endangering their lives, and the connection between the two is far from clear.


‘It seems that there were rumors, and these rumors became abundant, of a police pursuit, which was not the case. And I think it illustrates the speed with which rumors can run with the activity that takes place on social media today, and that events can spiral out of control.”

Police have yet to comment on what happened before the accident. Footage from the scene showed the thugs throwing fireworks, rocks, paving slabs and even a door at police before charging at them, with the officers charging back, until at least 3 a.m.

The mob also broke car windows before turning the vehicles on their sides and setting them on fire. The tires exploded when trash and mattresses were dumped on them to feed the flames. Assistant Police Chief Mark Travis said: “Our thoughts are first and foremost with the families of the two children who died after the collision in Ely and with those affected by the disorder that followed.


“These are scenes we don’t expect to see in our communities, particularly in a tight-knit community like Ely. We received a large number of calls from residents who were understandably frightened by the actions of this large group that was intent on causing crime and disorder.

‘The level of violence towards emergency services and damage to property and vehicles was totally unacceptable. “Our focus now is to fully investigate the circumstances of the collision and the horrifying scenes that followed. Arrests have already been made in connection with the disorder and more will follow. We will maintain an enhanced police presence throughout the week

At one point, some of the rioters charged police who were lined up at one end of the street while throwing fireworks at the officers. The thugs also attacked cars parked on the street, smashed windows with rocks and stomped on windshields.


The vandals then overturned some of the cars and set them on fire, leaving at least three vehicles ablaze on the residential street. There were cheers from some in the crowd and some rioters could be heard saying ‘turn it on’ as all hell took over. Others were seen throwing garbage bags and mattresses into the flames.

Men were seen ripping off their shirts and covering their faces with them, as fires raged across the street. Tires and other parts of the cars exploded as they burned, and one of those fireballs spat out flaming debris, which landed on a car parked in a driveway, forcing the owner to pour water on it to stop the spread of inferno.

A police helicopter, riot police with shields and full protective gear and dogs were at the scene. Police used a loudspeaker from the helicopter to tell those at the scene to disperse and go home. Police, including horse-mounted officers, were seen outside the Ely police station in the early hours of Tuesday after it was suggested it might be a target.


Just before 3am, rioters advanced up Highmead Road in Ely, followed by police trying to disperse them. But the rioters continued to launch missiles and set cars on fire.

In a statement, South Wales Police said: “Shortly after 6pm, we received a report of a serious traffic collision on Snowden Road.” “Police responded to this collision, which had already occurred when officers arrived. We need to make sure tonight’s collision is effectively investigated. ‘Officers remain on scene to handle large-scale disorder. Again, we urge anyone involved or observing to leave immediately. We understand the concern of local residents and ask them to stay in their homes.”

In an update at 1:10 a.m., the force said: “Police continue to monitor and respond to the disorder in Ely.” Several vehicles have been set on fire. Arrests are being made. A large police presence remains in the area.


Earlier Monday night, police had said they were trying to “reduce the ongoing disorder” and at 8:20 p.m. confirmed that emergency services were at the scene of the accident. Officers blocked the street between Wilson Road and Jackson Road and urged people to avoid the area, though hundreds of people, including parents with young children and dogs, were seen at the scene.

South Wales Police tweeted shortly afterwards: “A large number of officers are now working to manage the collision, but also to reduce the ongoing disorder at the scene.” “We urge all involved to leave the scene immediately and ask local residents to stay away while the matter is brought to a safe conclusion.”

An hour later, police said emergency services remained on the scene and reiterated the importance of people staying away from the area. The force added: “Please avoid speculation, we will bring you the latest details as soon as we can, all our updates must be factual.” Footage from this afternoon shows a police car with a smashed windshield. Police have not given any details about what happened in the earlier ‘serious’ accident.


South Wales Police said earlier after the crash that a number of officers were working to “manage the collision, but also to reduce the ongoing disorder”.

“We urge all involved to leave the scene immediately and ask local residents to stay away while the matter is brought to a safe conclusion.” Concerned families fear the violence at a Cardiff estate is a “copycat riot” from four nights of violence that erupted on the same streets more than 30 years ago.

Neighbors believe that the rioters want to recreate the so-called “bread riots” that broke out in the streets of the Ely housing estate in the Welsh capital, and that the hot weather provokes them.


The western suburb, the original estate of pop star Shakin’ Stevens and BBC presenter Jason Mohammad, erupted into days of chaos when hundreds of rioters took to the streets in 1991. Petrol bombs and stones were thrown at police in a row over neighboring merchants on Wilson Road for the right to sell bread, with locals charging one. Read More……

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