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A Georgia mother of three accused of killing two of her children “by placing them in an oven and turning it on” withdrew from her first court appearance Friday morning, local media in Atlanta reported. Lamora Williams is charged with a myriad of crimes in the October 2017 death of her sons, Ja’Karter Penn, 1, and Ke’Yaunte Penn, 2, who police say were killed with about an hour apart.

On the night in question, the defendant called 911 and expressed fear that her children were dead and that she was going to jail. In February 2018, Williams was charged with four counts of felony murder, two counts of murder, two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of concealing the death of another person, and one count of making a false statement.

She has also been charged with two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree, one count of cruelty to children in the second degree, one count of aggravated assault, one count of obstruction of a law enforcement officer, and one count of battery. resulting in substantial bodily harm, Fulton County Jail records reviewed by Law & Crime show.


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Charges on Lamora Williams

Police said both young children “received burn marks on their bodies at some point, possibly from the stove,” People magazine reported. “When I walked in, the stove was on my son, on my youngest son’s head, and my other son was laying on the floor with his brain lying on the floor,” Williams told 911 dispatcher, according to Atlanta. WAGA, a subsidiary of Fox based. “I don’t know what to do. I just got home from work.”

The defendant told police that she left her three children with a caregiver from noon to 11:30 p.m. and she returned home to find two had died while the caretaker was away, WAGA reports. “Could you help me?” she reportedly asked the dispatcher. “Like. Can you tell me I don’t want to get locked up because this isn’t my fault? I just got home from work.”

In an arrest warrant obtained by Law&Crime, the Atlanta Police Department alleges that, sometime between midnight on October 12, 2017, and 11 p.m. The next day, Williams “knowingly and intentionally” killed the two young children by “placing them in an oven and turning it on.”


Her third child, 3-year-old Jameel Penn Jr., was uninjured. According to autopsy reports obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the children’s heads were trapped in an overturned oven. The medical examiner disagreed with police claims that the children had been burned.

“These thermal changes appear to be due entirely to dry heat and changes from prolonged exposure to heat,” the medical examiner wrote in both autopsies. “It would take a great deal of time to get to this degree.” The children’s father also called 911; At around the same time, Williams was hesitant to give the dispatcher her Howell Place address in the Oakland City West End neighborhood.

“I just received a call from the mother of my son that my… two of my… two babies died; my kids are dead in an apartment,” Jameel Penn told dispatcher. “She called me on video and I saw it. I truly believe they are dead.” The distraught father described the video call in comments to local ABC affiliate WSB-TV.


“It was like a real horror movie,” he said. “It was Friday the 13th.” Police told the television station that the older boy, who survived, watched his mother kill her two younger brothers. The case has been delayed due to pandemic concerns and mental health evaluations and related procedures.

Williams was in the courtroom Friday morning but did not appear in front of the judge for a scheduled final plea hearing, according to WAGA and local NBC affiliate WXIA. Instead, attorneys for the state and defense agreed to a special trial date scenario that a Fulton County Superior Court judge will announce in the future.Read More……

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