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GEORGIA: LaShawn Thompson, a former Georgia inmate who died in a filthy cell, lived in a space “unfit for a sick animal.” His family is calling for a criminal investigation into his death and the closure of the controversial Fulton County Jail where he was incarcerated. This is one of the largest lockups in the country in Atlanta and is run under appalling conditions, the family alleges.

The 35-year-old schizophrenic inmate died in a psychiatric ward cell on September 13. He was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges three months earlier, according to family attorney Michael Harper. The family held a press conference together with his attorney on Thursday, April 13. The victim’s brother, Brad McCrae, shared how his brother loved music, dancing and cooking. “He was a playful person. He was a good person. He didn’t deserve this,” McCrae said.

LaShawn Thompson Age

The age of LaShawn Thompson was 35 years.


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LaShawn Thompson cause of death

Harper questioned why a mentally ill inmate was left alone in jail, left to die: “This is unforgivable and deplorable.” He said. “Medical staff and officers watched him deteriorate in the last few weeks before he died. They did nothing to help him. Nothing. They found him dead in his cell, lying there, infested with bedbugs and lice, and that’s what killed him.” The lawyer also shared photos of the victim’s face and body covered in insects and the dirty jail cell, Law&Crime reports.

According to legal documents, Thompson was found “unresponsive in his cell on September 13 at 4:40 am. When his body was found, a detention officer refused to administer CPR because, in his words, he “freaked out.” Harper revealed that he brought an ambulance and paramedics made an effort to resuscitate him, but failed. The report added: “There were no obvious signs of trauma and the body of the deceased was covered in bedbugs.”

The sheriff’s office spokesperson issued a statement to WSB-TV, which said: “The ongoing investigation is looking into details about the medical care provided and will ultimately determine whether any criminal charges are warranted in this case.” The well-being and safety of the inmates in our care is our top priority. It’s no secret that the dilapidated and rapidly eroding conditions of today’s facilities make it incredibly difficult to meet the goal of providing a clean, well-maintained and healthy environment for all inmates and staff.”Read More……..



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