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COLORADO: An insanity defense of Letecia Stauch , 39, the murderous stepmother of 11-year-old Gannon Stauch, is opposed by a Colorado prosecutor who told jury she actually knew what she was doing when she stabbed and shot the boy until Kill him.

On Monday, April 3, Michael Allen, district attorney for the 4th Judicial District, said, “Everything that happened to Gannon from that point on was her decision. She took action to kill Gannon, put his body in the suitcase and hide it”. she, in order to hide the evidence of what she did to Gannon, told numerous stories to investigators in order to manipulate the course of the investigation and ultimately discard Gannon inside that suitcase on a Florida bridge as trash,” he reported. Law and Crime.

Letecia Stauch Age

The age of Letecia Stauch is 39 years.


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Letecia Stauch accused of killing stepson

According to authorities, Gannon, who was killed by Stauch in her bedroom while her father, Al Stauch, was out of town on work for the National Guard. The 39-year-old woman who was a teacher pleaded not guilty to the murder on January 27, 2020, by reason of insanity. Defense attorney Will Cook told jury Monday in Colorado that Stauch, who suffered sexual and physical abuse by her mother’s lovers growing up, now experiences dissociative identity disorder. Cook said that she was known as a loving stepmother and speaking about the murder, she said: “There’s no explanation for it. I don’t have one.”

According to the district attorney, Stauch falsely reported Gannon missing and lied to investigators during the search for the 11-year-old boy. On January 26, 2020, she recorded audio of herself expressing her concern about a damaged carpet and asking her stepson about spilling candle wax.

“I’m just worried about my burns,” she said in an anguished voice, and he was hurt at the time. However, the stepmother was heard shushing him. Gannon, who had injuries to his head, back and chest, had defensive wounds to his arms and hands and was stabbed 18 times by Stauch. His head was fractured after receiving a crushing blow.


Stauch then opened fire on him three times where one of the shots struck his jaw, went through his head and lodged in the back of Gannon’s head, according to prosecutors. Allen said: “Gannon’s life drained out of his body, drop by drop.”

Stauch cleaned up the crime scene and put his body and other evidence in a suitcase. He then took the suitcase to Pensacola, Florida, and dumped the remains over a railroad bridge. Allen told jurors that a bridge worker discovered the suitcase on March 17, 2020, Law and Crime reported.Read More…….

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