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Luise Frisch parents have paid an emotional tribute after their “star” daughter was stabbed to death by two classmates in a heinous act that rocked Germany. Last weekend in Freudenberg, near Cologne, 12-year-old Luise was found dead after disappearing during a play date with one of her killers: Luisa Halberstadt, 13, and Anna-Marie Hoffman, from 12.
In a memorial to her published in her neighborhood newspaper, they commented: “There are no words to conceive the inconceivable. For us, the world stops.” They further added: “You can’t see pain, you can’t hear it, you can only feel it.”

There is a new photo of Luise at the top of the obituary, along with information about her birthday on August 29, 2010, and her death on March 12, 2023. Her parents left a lit candle outside her house with the message: “You are now a star in the sky”.

The victim, Luise, was reportedly stabbed 32 times with a nail file before being pushed down a steep embankment into the surrounding woods, according to police sources. Her twisted killers also placed a plastic bag over her head before the older killer told the younger one to “hit her with a rock” or she would be lying next to her.


Luise Frisch Age

The age of  Luise Frisch was 12 years.

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Luise Frisch found dead after going missing

Investigators have reason to worry that Luise may have been alive when she was thrown down the hill, but that her injuries and the subzero temperatures that hit the area last weekend could have killed her. An investigative source told The Daily Mail: “The act itself was appalling. Experienced officers who have been involved in many homicide cases were shocked by the murder. Not only because of the age of the victim but also because of the age of The Suspects: The murder weapon has yet to be found and although we initially thought it might be a knife, we now suspect it might be a nail file.”

A continuous stream of locals visited the makeshift shrine at the brink of the fall on March 18 to pay their respects to Luise. There they left flowers and chocolates. Two kilometers (1.2 mi) from Freudenberg, near the village of Hohenhain, is an abandoned railway tunnel leading into the forest. It is believed that Luisa and Anna-Maria led Luise through this tunnel to her death.


It is not clear why Luise was killed; some have speculated that it was a competition for a child, while others claim that she was targeted because she “spoken out” the bullying she was experiencing. The three girls were described as “best friends” and all three attended the Esther-Bejarano Comprehensive School together.Read More……

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