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Shocking footage shows the moments when a man was shot in the head with a crossbow at point blank range and survived. The unidentified victim, in his 30s, was in a coma for two weeks and was not expected to live, police said. But he miraculously pulled through, and when he regained consciousness, he was told that he had unknowingly filmed the entire incident. Attacker Maricel Melinte , 47, has now been jailed for 18 years after being found guilty of attempted murder.

She shot the victim, whom she knew, at a property in Southampton on September 26, 2021. A struggle then ensued in which Melinte tried to further attack the man with a hammer. But the victim fought him off and ran back into the house, locking Melinte outside.

The injured man then stumbled outside, where he collapsed. Members of the public called Hampshire Police, who arrested Melinte in the back garden and confiscated the crossbow and a broken bolt shaft. Both men were taken to the hospital.


Maricel Melinte Age

The age of Maricel Melinte is 47 years.

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Scans showed that the crossbow arrow was lodged in the victim’s skull and had entered his brain, and doctors placed him in an induced coma for two weeks. At this stage, he was not expected to survive, but neurosurgeons at Southampton General Hospital carried out a complicated and lengthy operation to remove the bolt.

Against all odds, the surgery was a success. After she regained consciousness, the victim told officers that she had unknowingly filmed the entire incident with her camera, which she placed on top of Melinte’s shed to film time-lapse video that night. late.


The victim still has trouble controlling his left eye and his right elbow, which was dislocated during the attack and also required surgery, but is on the road to recovery. Melinte was sentenced at Winchester Crown Court on Friday. DI Howard Broadribb said: “The fact that this man survived such an ordeal is simply a miracle. The lightning came within millimeters of killing him.”Read More…..

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