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A Florida teen with a history of gun offenses now faces a murder charge in the death of another teen who was fatally shot on the way to a Circle K earlier this month, court records show. Marquis Goodwine, 18, is charged with one count of second-degree murder in the July 9 slaying in Sanford, Florida.

Lovell Brown, 18, died overnight while trying to go shopping with several members of his family. Sanford Police Department officers arrived and found Brown with multiple gunshot wounds near a park at the corner of West 25th Street and Hartwell Avenue, says an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by Law & Crime. First responders attempted life-saving measures on the victim, who was rushed by fire and rescue personnel to nearby HCA Lake Monroe Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Parlet Ramsay, the mother of the deceased, told police that she wanted to walk to Circle K on French Avenue to buy some snacks. So, one of her daughters, her son, and her 1-year-old granddaughter headed to the store together. However, shortly after starting the short trip, a group of three or four people started walking towards the family.


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The age of Marquis Goodwine is 18.

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Marquis Goodwine

Brown was walking up front, his mother said, when an unknown man from the other group approached them directly. An altercation ensued that quickly turned physical when the man wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and slides punched Brown across the face, the affidavit says. Ramsay said she then heard gunshots, followed by a taunt as her son lay dying: “You got what you f-n– deserved.”

In those initial moments of panic, a boy wearing a blue hoodie began to perform CPR on Brown; Ramsay would remember that the boy in blue went to high school with her son. The distraught mother ran back into the apartment to tell her other daughter what had happened. Brown’s death came amid a sinister series of threats dating back to November 2022, his mother told police.


Since then, “for reasons unknown,” the anxious mother had been receiving phone calls from “friends” at the John E. Polk Correctional Center in nearby Sanford “advising that she needed to get her son” out of the area. At first, those warnings were heeded: Brown went to live with a sister in California for a few months. In January, the victim returned to the Sunshine State and had stayed with friends before moving in with his other sister.

But the threats had not abated. One day before the shooting, Ramsay told police that “someone threw a hard object” at his residence, the affidavit says. Lamya Cash, the sister from California, recalled the threats her brother had received recently, the affidavit says. Cash told police that Brown had received a text earlier that day “from someone who didn’t like her.” That message implored his brother to “get out,” but he ignored the directive, saying he wasn’t going anywhere and he wasn’t worried about it.

The sister’s version of events on the night of the shooting more or less aligned with her mother’s version of events. She added that the boy in the hoodie who performed CPR pleaded with Brown as he died: “Vel, Vel, stay with me.” Police identified several witnesses to the shooting based on body camera footage from the response on the night in question. After reviewing those images, law enforcement realized that surveillance footage from the adjacent Circle K showed several of the same people entering and leaving the store just before and after 1:00 a.m. m.


The boy who performed CPR was singled out by Brown’s sister, who lives in Florida, the affidavit says. Investigators then met with him and his sister. They provided a substantially similar version of what happened that night: both implicated his cousin, Goodwine, in Brown’s death.

Desamial Canty told police that she did not want her cousin to go out with them that night because he “swears” that she is in a gang and she felt something bad was going to happen, the affidavit says. She recalled meeting the family at Warley Park, including a baby in a pram, and seeing the fight break out before five or six shots were fired. Her brother, Desmario Canty, “stated that Lovell began to ‘out-do’ Marquis in the fight and that was the reason why Marquis used his firearm.” Both recalled a long-standing dispute between the victim and the defendant. The sister said Brown had hit Goodwine in the past. The brother pointed out that his cousin had recently been in jail and that the dispute continued after his release.

According to Seminole County court records, Goodwine was released from jail in late May. He had previously violated the terms of his probation for three firearms offenses, including possession of a firearm on school property. An arrest warrant was issued for him on July 11; he was arrested on July 18. The defendant is currently being held in the Seminole County Jail without bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for August 29.Read More…….


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