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A 15-year-old California native completed a 28.5-mile swim around Manhattan for a good cause. Maya Merhige traveled to the Big Apple over the weekend to participate in Swim Across America’s 20 Bridges Swim to raise money for cancer research. The swim took eight hours and 43 minutes to complete, according to ABC-7, and is one of many the high school student has participated in over the past eight years to raise more than $60,000 for the nonprofit.

“Whatever you’re doing when you’re swimming, or whatever pain you’re experiencing when you’re swimming, it’s really nothing compared to the fight families go through with cancer,” she told the news outlet. “And that really pushes me to keep going.” According to Good Morning America, the 20 Bridges Swim takes swimmers under 20 bridges and three rivers, making the experience more enjoyable for Merhige, who enjoys “the challenge.”

“I really like the challenge. I was able to see the entire Manhattan skyline from the water at night, which is something I think not a lot of people can say,” she told GMA. “So I had a lot of fun with it and it was beautiful.” Before Merhige’s achievement, only two other 15-year-old swimmers had completed the daring swim around Manhattan, according to Swim Across America.


Maya Merhige Age

The age of Maya Merhige is 15 year.

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Maya Merhige

She told the organization in an online interview: “I swim for each and every person who has ever had cancer. Whether it’s for a patient, a doctor, a family member or a friend, I swim for everyone.” Her desire to participate in the marathon swim grew stronger after the death of a family friend.


“Sam Hallward, a family friend of mine, passed away from brain cancer (DIPG) in December 2022 at the age of 12,” she shared with Swim Across America. “He was one of the most outgoing and adventurous kids he knew, and I know he would have loved being in all the amazing places I can go while swimming.”

Merhige is also motivated by her own experience with a medical scare. “I am one of the lucky ones,” she explained to the organization. “The grapefruit-sized tumor was benign, and with the exception of a large scar on my stomach, I’ll be fine. This brief but terrifying experience gave me and my family a small taste of what others go through when faced with a terrifying medical situation. It gave me even more respect for what people with cancer experience and made me even more committed to this effort.”Read More……

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