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In a puzzling course of events, the husband of missing mother of three Maya Millete who disappeared from her home on January 7, 2021, has been accused of contacting the wizards just before the disappearance. The details of the case, which is scheduled to be heard in September 2023, have baffled the Chula Vista community. Maya Millete update

Maya’s husband of 21 years, Larry Millete, has been accused of not only contacting spell casters to leave his wife helpless enough to seek their support, but also found himself in possession of a bloody altar with his wife’s photograph on it. The altar adds to the chilling details surrounding the case of the disappearance of Maya Millete

Maya disappeared from her home in Chula Vista, California on January 7, 2021, just before her eldest daughter’s birthday. Her husband Larry claimed to have been the last person to see her. Surveillance video showed him arriving at her house on January 7 at around 5 p.m. Two days after her disappearance, her sister Maricris Drouaillet filed a disappearance report with the Chula Vista Police Department. Larry gave conflicting accounts of Maya’s likely whereabouts, including that she had gone hiking and visited a friend’s house of hers. He was arrested in October 2021.


Where is Maya Millete now?

Billy Little, the husband of one of Maya’s colleagues at Lou’s Naval Base, has provided startling evidence to the case that sheds light on Larry’s obsession with supernaturalism and raises questions about his involvement in Maya’s disappearance. Little provided an image of a bloody altar with a photograph of the couple in the middle. There are four burning candles in the four corners, and drops of blood can be found throughout the setting.

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Little, who became involved in the case after his wife Lou asked him for help, visited Maya and Larry’s residence, where he found Larry airing out the house. He also noticed some recently repaired holes in the walls and in the bedroom door.

While Maya’s last call was made to a divorce attorney, Little opined that Larry was taking unnatural steps to stop divorcing. Little said: “There are people on the internet who will sell you for five bucks, you know, how to do a spell that will make her attracted to you,” according to CBS.


After Larry’s arrest in October 2021, various other details about black magic and spells became public. The Sun reported that on December 31, 2020, Larry wrote an email to a spell caster asking for help, saying, “Can you cast a spell on her so that she gets hurt enough that she has to depend on me or need my help?” before adding, “She’s only nice to me when she needs me or [is] sick. Thanks again. Maybe [an] accident or a broken bone.” He became more aggressive in the next email from him when he wrote to another spell caster: “Please, he punish May and incapacitate her enough that she can’t leave the house. It’s time to take the gloves off her.”

Maya Millete update

According to The Sun, the trial was halted in 2022 citing Larry’s mental health condition. The first rounds of the trial have already taken place, where evidence against Larry showing his obsession with Maya’s alleged affair was brought before the court. After his arrest in 2021, she was prohibited from having contact with his children. He violated the order by using his jail cell privileges, which caused the court to bar him from making any contact with them.

Larry’s attorney, Bonita Martinez, said that while his mental health is now better after therapy, he is “depressed, distraught and distraught” that he is unable to call the children. The murder trial is expected to begin on September 14, 2023, according to Buzzfeed News. The documentary ’48 Hours’, which details the case, can be seen at Paramount. Read more……..


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