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Megan Newborough, from Nuneaton, was 23 when her body was found in the undergrowth near the Leicestershire village of Woodhouse Eaves. Post mortem examination evidence carried out on Miss Newborough’s body found that she had sustained 14 neck injuries. Megan Newborough Cause of death.

Her former colleague, Ross McCullam, 30, of Coalville in Leicestershire, has denied murdering Megan but admitted to manslaughtering the 23-year-old by strangling her at her home on Friday 6 August last year. He was found guilty of murder and will be sentenced at Leicester Crown Court on Friday.

Megan Newborough Age

The age of Megan Newborough was 23 years old at the tiem of death.


How Megan Know McCullam?

The jury heard how the victim and defendant were co-workers at Ibstock Brick in north-west Leicestershire. She met McCullam at the end of June last year at the brick company, where he worked in human resources.

The couple had entered into a “relationship of sorts” after Miss Newborough was involved in conducting an audit of the company’s laboratory. The court heard allegations that McCullam murdered Miss Newborough after she drove to her home following an exchange of flirtatious texts over the previous weeks.

Joe Howard, a senior lab technician at Ibstock Brick, told the court that he had been responsible for training the defendant and supervising some of his work as a lab assistant. Howard recalled McCullam telling him that he and Megan had once had sex in a pond in the field near his workplace. He told the jury that the defendant had also shown him nude photos of Megan on her phone that he deemed “inappropriate.”


What happened to Megan or cause of death

The court previously heard how he left his parents’ home in Warwickshire, at 7:30 p.m. m. on August 6 in his Citroen C3, which McCullam later used to move his body. The jury heard that Miss Newborough and McCullam had met at her home for a sexual encounter on the night of her death while her parents were away.

But the prosecution alleges that Megan died within 40 minutes of arriving at the address shortly after 8:00 p.m. m.Prosecutor John Cammegh KC told the court: “First, he strangled her with her bare hands.

“After her death, Megan’s body would be examined by a forensic pathologist…concluded that ‘neck pressure,’ or strangulation, was the cause of Megan’s death.” The jury heard that McCullam told police after his arrest that he had slit his victim’s throat with a knife to “make sure” she was dead.


Prosecutors further allege that the defendant, who did not have a driver’s license, loaded Megan’s body into his white Citroen C3 and dumped her half-naked body in thick undergrowth on Charley Road, a remote country lane near Woodhouse Eaves and Beacon. Hill Country Park. Earlier, prosecutors claimed that he had thrown away his phone in Hermitage Road, Whitwick.

The court heard that he left his car in the Loughborough College car park and the jury was shown CCTV footage of the defendant disposing of Megan’s boots, glasses and other personal items, as well as bloody sheets and other incriminating evidence in bins. close. Miss Newborough’s family reported her missing the following afternoon, Saturday, August 7, 2021, after she failed to return home. Her body was found at dawn the next day.

What has McCullam Defence been?


McCullam admits to manslaughter but denies murdering her. He claims he “lost control” after a sexual encounter between the couple triggered an episode of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to being abused by older boys when he was a child.

On the eighth day of the trial, Leicester Crown Court heard that the 30-year-old lab assistant was allegedly abused by Stephen Beadman, a man who brutally raped and murdered Measham schoolgirl Kayleigh Haywood in 2015.

Lab manager Graham Fyson said McCullam and himself were close when they worked together and said they often talked to each other.


Fyson said McCullam has confided in him that he was sexually abused as a child.

When questioned during cross-examination by John Cammegh KC of the prosecution, he said: “Yes, he told me he was raped as a child. This was about six months before Megan’s death.”

The lab manager went on to explain that McCullam revealed more information over time.


He said the defendant reported being “incited” to sexual behavior by various older boys on numerous occasions and spoke of being raped when he was 13 years old.

Speaking to the jury, he said: “At one point I asked him if he knew the person who had raped him.

“He said there were three. One had run away but two were left.”


“I asked him again if he knew them. There was a long pause and he said, ‘Do you remember the murder of Kayleigh Haywood?’

“I said ‘yes’. Then she gave me a name. I told her it sounded familiar.

“It wasn’t until I got home and googled the case that I realized who she was.


“The name he gave me was Stephen Beadman, who was the man who murdered Kayleigh Haywood. That’s all he said and he left it at that.”

What does McCullam claim happened the night of Megan’s death?

Responding to questions from defense KC Kerim Fuad, McCullam said: “We went to the back room. We stood there for about 15-20 minutes, actually talking.


“She (Megan) could see something was up. She was sweating and panicking. She should have said right then, ‘I need to be alone.'”

When asked what had happened in her living room, McCullam said that he and Miss Newborough were beginning to have sexual activities, when he cursed her because he “felt a little uncomfortable”.

Claiming that Miss Newborough, from Nuneaton in Warwickshire, had given him a “little bump” on the side of the leg in a playful manner, McCullam told the jury: “She approached me and said ‘come here’.


“That’s when I exploded… just rage. I pushed her forward with all my might. I’ve never felt like this before. It was like a volcano.”

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