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A Florida ice cream vendor was sentenced to life in prison without parole Friday for murdering two men and attempting to kill four others in a botched revenge shooting. The defendant, Michael Edward Keetley 52, had been the victim of an armed robbery in January 2010. He became permanently disabled and sought revenge, but prosecutors said he targeted the wrong men.

Keetley must serve at least 25 years on the attempted murder charges. He was convicted in March. Dressed in black and wearing a “sheriff” or “police” shirt, he forced victims to the ground at a home in the Ruskin community, prosecutors said. He fired a long gun, lunged at it, and fired again.

The brothers Juan Guitron, 28, and Sergio Guitron, 22, who were known as “Mago” and “Araña”, died. The four counts of attempted murder covered victims Daniel Beltrán, who was shot three times; Gonzalo Guevara, who received four bullet wounds; Richard Cantú, who was shot in the back of the head; and Ramón Galán, who was shot in the stomach. A fifth possible victim on the scene was able to flee without being shot.


Michael Edward Keetley Age

The age of Michael Edward Keetley is 52 years.

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Charges on Michael Edward Keetley

The first trial ended in deadlock, with only two jurors supporting the conviction. The defense, in the mistrial, highlighted the inconsistent ballistics and the fact that the murder weapon is still unknown. State witnesses described various firearms used. Keetley possessed several weapons, but even the state’s own crime scene investigator admitted that none of those firearms likely killed the two brothers.

Keetley maintained to police during an initial interview that his injuries prevented him from carrying out the murders. He had had extensive surgery on his right arm and at least three surgeries on his left hand after the armed robbery.


However, jurors in the retrial believed that it was, in fact, Keetley who shot all six men. During testimony, the defendant’s then-girlfriend, Stacey Rogan, told jurors that Keetley often talked about trying to find the people who hurt him in January 2010.

“He was actively looking for the people who shot him,” she said in response to a question from prosecutor Jennifer Johnson. The state’s attorney then obtained witness testimony that Keetley made statements about taking the law into his own hands. “Did he tell you what actions he took?” Johnson asked.

The witness said her ex just mentioned that he talked to area residents about the culprits who shot him four times during the robbery, resulting in a $12 loot. “Did he talk to you at all about his feelings about the police investigation into that?” the prosecutor continued. This time, Rogan had a little more to say.


“He was very frustrated that they weren’t listening to him,” she said. “He felt like they weren’t listening and doing nothing about the information, I guess, that he was getting.” “Obsessed with revenge,” prosecutor Jennifer Johnson told a Hillsborough County jury as the trial began. “That’s what this case is about.”Read More……


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