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FLORIDA: A beautiful wedding reception for a Florida couple turned horrific when Miguel Rodriguez Albisu the owner of the reception venue pulled a gun on them and ordered everyone to “get out.” In a video posted to Instagram by Jonathan Campo, the bride’s cousin and DJ, the irritated-looking man is seen waving his gun and yelling, “Get out! Get out! Don’t make me. Get out! Get out!” Get out!” to terrified guests and the couple on the night of Thursday, March

The 58-year-old man, who also owned the premises, has been identified as Miguel Rodríguez Albisu. He is now in the Broward County Jail and is charged with nine counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, without intent to kill. According to state records obtained by the Miami Herald, Albisu is a corporate officer of Cielo Farms Nursery.

Miguel Rodriguez Albisu Age

The age of Miguel Rodriguez Albisu is 52 years.


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Charges on Miguel Rodriguez Albisu

Along with the video, Campo wrote: “Before I knew it, I was looking down the barrel of his gun, and in that moment, when I saw his eyes, I was ready to be killed, and I was accepting that my children were about to be killed.” losing his father for no reason.”

The girlfriend rented the place at Cielo Farms in Southwest Ranches until 11:30 p.m. m., but the worker ordered the event to close around 10:50 p.m. m. In an interview with WSVN, the DJ said a worker at the venue ordered him to turn off the music for fear of noise complaints and then spilled a drink on his equipment even though he had turned the music down.

“Right now, the entire wedding party is aware of what’s going on,” Campo said. Moments later, the gunman, whom Campo identified as the owner of the place, showed up and went on a rampage.


Campo said the man “just started waving the gun around, at everyone. He put it in my uncle’s face, he put it in my cousin who got married, the girlfriend, he put it in her head, the she waved in her husband’s head”. “Why am I getting ready to get shot? All he was doing was DJing at my cousin’s wedding and trying to give her her last dance,” he added. A frightened and terrified wedding guest, Aixa Figueroa, called 911.Read More……

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