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WASHINGTON STATE: A 25-year-old mother from Washington State has been missing since she fled a home and called 911, but her phone line abruptly went dead, making it impossible for investigators to find her. The Skagit County Sheriff’s Office has been searching for Mikayla Standridge for a week, but no trace has been found yet.

“She was trying to call 911 for help around 5 a.m. on April 21,” according to the sheriff’s office and Standridge’s family, but when she finally got through to her office, her phone went dead. turned off She could not be seen when the police arrived at the scene after receiving the call according to KIRO7.

Mikayla Standridge Age

The age of Mikayla Standridge is 25 years.


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Mikayla Standridge went missing

Mikayla Standridge was last seen running from the house she was staying at on Skagit View Drive, her aunt Mardi Martone told the Cascadia Daily News. On April 16, a troubling message surfaced on Standridge’s social media shared by her aunt Martone, which read, “If I ever get lost or anything, just know I didn’t leave.”

Martone said she found it difficult to stay optimistic: “I’m praying, but it’s not looking good. I will sit there and find an officer and see where the search party is for her,” she told the outlet. “They had search and rescue [near Skagit View Drive] yesterday. Small team. I’m just looking for clues,” she said.

“It has been a horrible nightmare that our family has been through,” Angela Anderson, one of her aunts who is part of the search party, told a media outlet. While Marton hands out flyers with details of her last description when she left home.


The Skagit County Sheriff’s Office is searching for Strandridge using drones and a helicopter. “So the river presents strange challenges for us. We have specific equipment designed to navigate the river to search for people, to find people. And we are going to use all of those assets in this search,” said police Lt. Jeff Willard according to a publication.

Standridge’s son, Madden, is about 2 years old and is described as a shining light who can make anyone smile. “SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING!!” Martone wrote in the latest Facebook post announcing a reward for information on Strandridge. “If you think you see her, she takes a picture and calls 911. I don’t care who she’s with! Text me or call me at 360-488-3111.” She is wearing blue jeans and a black top. One of the Facebook profiles shows that she was in a relationship with Bryan Sayers last year, however, her relationship status is listed as single.Read More……

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