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Rock band Journey may be right when they said too much love will kill you after a man Mikhael Oi  in Indonesia was arrested for the murder of his fiancee after she accused him of having sex with a cow.

Authorities have detained a suspect, identified as Mikhael Oi, in the death of a 35-year-old woman, identified as Augustina Rere, according to a report by

The suspect has constantly abused and assaulted his future girlfriend because he was disappointed that she would not agree to his demands for physical intimacy, according to police. The victim was attacked on two separate occasions, where she suffered fatal injuries in the second assault, police said.


Mikhael Oi Age

The age of Mikhael Oi is 35 years.

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Mikhael Oi killed his wife

The man first attacked the woman on February 4 when he hit her with his bare hands. The second assault occurred on February 7 when he struck her with a wrench, resulting in serious physical injury.

“The suspect was upset with the victim because she accused him of committing adultery, often asking for sex, and that he had sex with a cow on her farm,” the local police chief said in the report.


Rere was taken to the hospital after reporting the abuse to the authorities, but she died the next day due to brain damage. An autopsy found a wound on her left temple and bleeding on her brain, which caused her death. The suspect was charged in court and could be jailed for 15 years if convicted under Indonesian law.Read More…..

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