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A Wisconsin woman pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity Monday for stabbing her ex-boyfriend with scissors in what police say was attempted murder. Defendant Morgan Taylor Lund  21, claimed that she experienced a possible dream and attacked a “dark and terrifying figure” who was attacking her ex, according to the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint. Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Bryan D. Keberlein ordered a mental exam for Lund on Tuesday.

Prosecutors previously said that Oshkosh police were dispatched to the 500 block of Jefferson Street just before 8 a.m. m. of February 18. “The call was originally sent as ‘sister freaked out and boyfriend is bleeding.’ Possibly stabbed in the arms,’” the documents said. Police arrived to find a bloody scene.

“As Officer Bennett reached the top of the stairs, he saw a younger blonde female who appeared to be wearing only an oversized blue UCLA sweatshirt and had the appearance of blood covering both her legs, her feet, both forearms, and the back and the front. from her hands,” the documents said. She “She was leaning over the back of a black sectional sofa in a living room, applying pressure to a shirtless man’s upper chest or right shoulder area.”


Lund’s ex-boyfriend expressed her outrage.

“What the hell happens to you?” the ex-boyfriend told her in documents. “Why in my dream, brother?”

“I thought I saw something,” Lund reportedly said.


“No!” the man said.

Morgan Taylor Lund Age

The age of Morgan Taylor Lund is 21 years.

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Why did Morgan Taylor Lund stabbed boy friend?

Lund was allegedly crying. The man, who was bleeding profusely, described being injured, “everywhere, on the back, on the chest, everywhere.” Lund also pointed to a cut on his scalp, according to the documents. In total, hospital medical staff found 19 stab wounds and gave him stitches or staples for the injuries, prosecutors said. He had stab wounds to his back, right shoulder, “chest/side,” face and both hands, authorities said.


Police claimed to have found “large amounts of blood” on the floor and sofa in the living room. There were scissors, apparently bloody, on the floor next to the sofa, authorities said. Lund and the man, who is the father of his child, lived together, according to the documents.

“She testified that for approximately six months to a year she had been seeing a ‘figure’ that was dark in color and clearly not a person,” court documents state. “This morning she said that she remembers waking up at approximately 6:30 a.m. with the baby in the room. Since she was having trouble sleeping, she brought the baby to a large playpen in the living room where V1 was lying on the sofa. She went back to bed to go back to sleep. Lund allegedly said that she did not remember waking up a second time that morning.

“She had a hazy memory of something that could have been a dream, or her imagination, but she thought V1 was yelling at her daughter,” the documents said. “She then remembers being in the living room area and seeing this scary dark figure on top of V1, attacking him. She walked over to the sofa area and took a pair of scissors that were there and began to “try to kill” the dark and sinister figure that was attacking V1. It wasn’t until V1 yelled at her and fought back that she realized the figure wasn’t there and that she was, in fact, hurting V1. She says that as soon as she realized what was happening, she put down the scissors and tried to give V1 first aid.”


Speaking to police, Lund allegedly said that she thought she had seen something. She feared there was “something wrong with my head,” according to the documents. In the documents, the man described that he and Lund had a contentious relationship. He claimed that she was abusive, “hitting him on several occasions.” They started arguing every day and he said that he “closes the argument because he doesn’t want to be involved with her anymore”. They had been together for about three years, but broke up a month or two earlier. After that, she started sleeping on the sofa and left the bedroom to him.

However, the man said he did not know why Lund stabbed him, “especially in front of her daughter.” Nothing happened between them the night before. Lund has threatened him in the past, although to her knowledge she never threatened to kill him, she said in the documents.Read More…..

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