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KENTUCKY: A former Louisville Metropolitan Police Department officer who was fired for fatally shooting Breonna Taylor during a “walk-in” police raid on her home in Louisville on March 13, 2020, has been rehired. Myles Cosgrove was hired by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky on Thursday, April 20, according to the department’s deputy chief.

Cosgrove was fired from his former apartment after he failed to correctly identify a target and shot Taylor’s apartment 16 times, killing her. The officer was never charged with the charge of “wanton endangerment” and no further charges were filed. On January 5, 2021, he was fired by the LMPD for “violating department policy.” Despite public protests over the injustice, the officer will now continue to keep watch again.

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The age of Myles Cosgrove is not declared.


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Charges on Myles Cosgrove

Carroll County Deputy Chief Rob Miller said the Cosgrove was already in active service. Speaking about the public uproar over Cosgrove’s hiring, Miller said the department knows “there will be opinions on both sides of the equation.” He said the department believed that Cosgrove was carrying out the warrant as ordered and that the Kentucky Law Enforcement Board voted not to remove his police certification.

He claimed that the decision to hire him was based on his long experience as an officer and his technical skills, according to the deputy chief. They believe a small county sheriff’s department like Carroll County could benefit from it. “We’re going to give it a shot,” Miller said, reports WLKY.

Netizens were outraged at the justice system claiming that he should be in prison. One user asked: “OMG who is he going to shoot now?” Another stated: “We are a broken country with zero empathy and respect for others. It’s shameful and pathetic.” A third said, “I’m not surprised!” A fourth chimed in: “Shameful.” A fifth said: “We need a national registry of bad cops so they can’t get another job in law enforcement. Ban them for life.” One user tweeted: “I should be in prison…”. Another claimed: “This is what they do. Someone else will hire them. It will go on for years.” “This is the type of person police departments want to hire across the country. This is why the system cannot be saved,” wrote one user.Read More……


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