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After her young son drowned in a nearby retention pond, a woman allegedly tried to tie up her neighbor in a cover story about the previous night’s events. Myra Otsie Santiago , 22, is charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child and neglect of a child, records show. Ormond Beach, Florida, police officers say she left 3-year-old Aziryh Santiago alone in her apartment for hours and failed to properly lock the residence even though she knew she could escape and had done so numerous times before.

According to a press release and an indictment affidavit, officers said they responded Sunday at approximately 1:44 p.m. to a report of a drowning child. A male resident of the apartment complex had security cameras recording Aziryh running in front of her door at approximately 6:46 a.m. and then in the area behind her apartment by the pond a minute later.

“The video shows A.S. walking around with what appears to be a tablet in a blue case,” police wrote. “AS. was seen looking around and then ran straight into the pond as the video ends.” Defendant Santiago asserted that she left her child with her neighbor across from her on the third floor on Saturday night between 10 and 11 p.m.


Myra Otsie Santiago Age

The age of Myra Otsie Santiago is 22 years.

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Myra Otsie Santiago accused of

“Myra advised that she went to the Daytona beach boardwalk with a friend and walked,” the officers wrote. She allegedly claimed to return between 1 and 2 a.m. m., she picked up her son from her neighbor and put him to bed in her apartment. As he did every day, Aziryh entered her room at 6 a.m. through her tablet, she returned to her bedroom and lay down for a while, she told police.

“Myra advised that he would come pick her up for breakfast later. And this is a regular routine for A.S.”, the police wrote. But Myra said that she woke up at 1:45 p.m. m. and she noticed that her son was not in her apartment. She searched for him and contacted an officer after viewing the crime scene tape.


According to police, a 15-year-old friend of hers said that he stayed with her frequently and that he was with her the night before. He told officers the same story as her, but police noted inconsistencies, including where she was sleeping. He said that he was on the sofa and Santiago said that he was in bed with her.

“JB reported that Myra realized AS was missing after she took a shower,” police wrote. “The inconsistency with that was that Myra reported that JB had showered and she didn’t.” The police noticed that there were no child safety locks in Santiago’s apartment.

“I asked Myra later about this, she advised me that A.S. he has run away from the apartment multiple times and that she has found him on the stairs before,” police wrote. “Myra advised that she asked the maintenance staff about a child safety lock and was told that if she bought the lock, they would install it.


Myra reported that she did not have the funds available to pay for the lock. It should be noted that more than $100 in cash was seen on Myra’s dresser, as well as numerous glass pipes, marijuana, e-cigarettes, and several bottles of alcohol in the freezer. There was plenty of evidence to show that Myra had the funds to buy the lock, but she didn’t. Santiago’s neighbor, who described herself as not a friend and just an acquaintance, told investigators that she had never seen Aziryh before, let alone on Saturday night. She said Santiago texted her at approximately 2:57 p.m. on Sunday.

Police said she provided screenshots of the Facebook conversation. In a post-Miranda interview with police, Santiago told the same story as before, but when confronted with the text messages she allegedly sent to the neighbor, she said she wasn’t sure about the neighbor’s story and that the woman I was mad at her. The officer asked her if she texted her neighbor at some point on Sunday.

“Myra said why are you asking me things you already know,” police said. “I advised her that she wanted the truth. Myra reported that she no longer wished to discuss the incident and that she wanted to leave. I advised [her] that she was not free to leave at this time. Myra asked to make a phone call. Myra called her mother and started telling her that she was going to jail. Her mother asked her why and she told her it was because she left A.S. only in the apartment.Read More……


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