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The pilot and third passenger who died in Sunday’s tragic Virginia plane crash that left all four on board dead have been identified. Evadnie Smith, the nanny of real estate agent Adina Azarian, 49, and her 2-year-old daughter Aria Azarian, died along with the duo and pilot Jeff Hefner, according to reports.

Originally from Jamaica, Smith helped care for little Aria at her mother’s home in East Hamptons, according to Fox3 Now. Azarian’s friends told Fox3 that they affectionately called her “Nanny V” and described her as a “remarkable woman with a beautiful soul” who shared a special bond with the single mother and her daughter.

Azarian’s parents, successful businessmen and Republican donors John and Barbara Rumpel, confirmed the death of their daughter and granddaughter Sunday night. On Monday, John Rumpel identified the pilot of the doomed Cessna as Jeff Hefner in an interview with The Washington Post.


Hefner was survived by his wife and his three children, Florida attorney Dan Newlin told the newspaper. Newlin said Hefner had flown for him, calling him a “highly skilled and skilled aviator.” Azarian’s childhood friends said she decided to have a family on her own and she struggled for years to conceive before being blessed with her “miracle baby.”

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The age of Nanny Evadnie Smithis not declared.

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“She went through everything as a single woman to have a baby, and I can’t say since Aria was born, I don’t think I’ve seen her twice without her,” said former classmate Tara Brivic-Looper, 47. . The charge. “It was just the two of them every day. That was what she always wanted.” Tragically, Azarian is not the first time the Rumpels have lost a child, John Rumpel told CBS News on Monday.


“I have never met a sweeter person than Adina. She this is the second daughter I have lost and she was the most wonderful human being I have ever known,” said John Rumpel, adding that they adopted her. Her other daughter, Victoria, died when she was a teenager in a diving accident in 1994, the grieving parents told the station.

On Sunday, Barbara Rumpel shared photos of Azarian and little Aria on Facebook, along with a heartbreaking statement. The two women and the girl were flying from Tennessee to Long Island in a private Cessna owned by the Rumpels when the plane veered off its path and entered restricted airspace over Washington, DC.

The Defense Department deployed six F-16 fighter jets from Joint Base Andrews to pursue the plane, whose pilot was not responding to air traffic controllers. The planes flew at supersonic speeds to race towards the wayward plane, causing a sonic boom that rocked the DC metropolitan area and scared residents across the region.


Military aircraft reported seeing the pilot “slumped” in his seat, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said Monday. Aviation experts believe the Cessna may have lost pressurization, causing the pilot and everyone on board to lose consciousness due to lack of oxygen, while the plane likely continued to fly on autopilot. They believe it eventually ran out of fuel and plummeted into a wooded, mountainous area in Virginia around 3:30 p.m.

The plane fell at more than 30,000 feet per minute before crashing in a remote area near the Blue Ridge Parkway around Raphine, leaving an impact crater and some debris behind. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are currently investigating the cause of the incident, and officials said they would have a preliminary report ready within three weeks.Read More…..

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