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A missing person case from years ago has been solved, and the number one fugitive from the local sheriff has been arrested in one fell swoop. Newoker Adrianne Hurt, 45, is charged with murder in the 2019 death of Shawn Jackson, her then-boyfriend, according to a news release issued by the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia.

On the last day of July of that year, Hurt and the deceased’s son, Nicholas Jackson, filed a missing person report for the missing father. In August 2019, human remains were buried in a shallow grave in Jefferson County, Alabama. Police later determined that those remains belonged to Shawn Jackson, based on the deceased’s fingerprints, clothing, and tattoos.

The remains were discovered on the side of a road by citizens who were walking around, according to The burial job was reportedly so bad that the dead man was “sticking out of the ground.” For years, however, the case languished. “It was later discovered that Mr. Jackson was caught having an affair,” the CCSO said in its press release. “EM. Newoker Hurt and the victim had a fight in front of the lady’s house, went home and fought all day until night.”


Newoker Adrianne Hurt Age

The age of Newoker Adrianne Hurt is 45 years.

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Newoker Adrianne Hurt accused of killing boyfriend

The younger Jackson would tell investigators that he was aware of the argument, but both parties appeared to have calmed down by nightfall. After that, the 17-year-old went to sleep. When he woke up the next morning, Hurt told the boy that her father had left them.

While details about the ensuing investigation are scant, Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen says that by April 20, the Clayton County Police Department had collected enough evidence to arrest and charge Hurt and his brother with a litany of crimes They included malicious murder, possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime, tampering with evidence and concealment of the death of another person, authorities said.


According to the sheriff’s office, police in the area determined that while Shawn Jackson was sleeping the night he disappeared, his abandoned lover allegedly shot him three times in the head. He then allegedly called her brother, Shrron Stephan Hurt, to help dispose of her body. Newoker Hurt was arrested at her Atlanta apartment. She is being held at the Clayton County Jail.

Shrron Stephan Hurt is serving time in a federal prison in Huntington, West Virginia, on unrelated charges, authorities said. “The Elite Fugitive Squad are the best hide and seek players and they find everyone,” CCSO said in their press release. “Therefore, criminals now need to rethink two, three, or even four times before committing a crime in Clayton County.”Read More……

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