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DALLAS, TEXAS – Nika Nikoubin 22, who stabbed a date she met online to death in retaliation for the 2020 death of an Iranian military leader, Qasem Soleimani, has been banned from singing at performances. Furthermore, the University of Texas that she enrolled in also banned her after learning of her criminal record. Nikoubin, 22, also sings regularly and has posted a rare collection of music videos. One of her tracks is called ‘Spaceman’.

Nika Nikoubin sings about her desire for the eponymous figure or an “astronaut between her thighs” of hers. The video was released a month ago in which she is seen wearing sequined bodysuits, tassel jumpsuits and a fluffy pink crop top, the Daily Mail reports.

Clark County, Las Vegas District Court Judge Carli Kierny has barred her from singing and has barred her from performing outside the home while she faces trial. “At this point, we’ll just say no,” Kierny said of the performance gigs, adding that Nikoubin may ask officials overseeing his pretrial release to seek prior court approval on a case-by-case basis, according to reports. by CBC News.


Nika Nikoubin Age

The age of Nika Nikoubin is 22 years.

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Why University of Texas at Dallas prohibited Nika Nikoubin?

The University of Texas at Dallas also prohibited her from attending classes on campus while she was serving house arrest. Phil Roth, a spokesperson for the university, confirmed to the outlet that Ella Nikoubin was admitted for the spring 2023 semester before university officials realized she was charged with a crime.

“Because the safety of our campus and our community is of the utmost importance, we have removed it from campus,” Roth said in a statement. He said campus police “will monitor the student’s compliance with the expulsion order.” However, Judge Carli Kierny said she did not have the authority to make the campus ban part of the strict restrictions placed on Nikoubin while she lives with her parents in Frisco, Texas.


Nikoubin was taken into custody by Henderson police shortly after the stabbing occurred March 5 at the Sunset station. At a hearing Monday, Kierny said it appeared the Dallas-based Nikoubin was simply tracking her location and not investigating whether she might have ignored her curfew or other court-ordered rules.

Rod Bishop, a campus police officer, asked the judge to issue an order barring Nikoubin from UT Dallas, where Nikoubin’s father is a professor, citing safety concerns and Monday’s horrific mass shooting at Michigan State University. . “After this week’s shooting,” Bishop said by teleconference to the Las Vegas courtroom, “coupled with the continued violence on campus across the country, students and parents are even more alarmed about safety issues. ”.

Kierny reaffirmed Nikoubin’s restrictions, including a GPS monitor, a nightly curfew and limited travel for specific purposes at pre-approved times, including school. The judge called it “a private matter, if she is allowed on campus.” “That’s up to you,” Kierny told Bishop. Nikoubin has pleaded not guilty and will face trial in July for attempted murder and felony assault with a weapon during her arrest in the alleged March 2022 attack.Read More….


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