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A heartbroken mother has spoken about how her 14-year-old transgender son took his own life after being denied gender-affirming care. Noah O’Brien, who was born a girl named Lily, died in January of this year. The 14-year-old had written his parents a letter six months before telling them that he identified as a boy.

Noah’s mother, Lauren, told ABC’s Four Corners about the devastating loss of her son after he worried about going back to school with his new gender identity after the holidays.

“My husband gave him CPR and the ambulance, and the police arrived about four minutes after we called them and took him to Westmead Hospital, where he stayed alive until six in the morning,” she said. ‘That was around 11 o’clock. So, we have seven hours to say goodbye.


Noah O’Brien Age

The age of Noah O’Brien was 14 year.

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Why did Noah O’Brien took his life

Ms O’Brien said that when Noah first told her about his new gender identity, she thought he was being influenced by a friend or someone online. “But as time went on, we just saw, no, it was definitely just him, who he was,” she told the show. Noah began to restrict his eating in an attempt to delay the onset of puberty.

He was admitted to Westmead Children’s Hospital in western Sydney, where he was released after one day, with a recommendation to seek gender support. Mrs O’Brien went to her GP to get a referral, but she didn’t realize he would be pushed down the waiting list because he had started puberty.


Noah’s grandmother, Rose Marsh, told the show: “Lauren called places, she went to doctors, she tried everywhere to get help, but it was like doors were closing in her face.” No one responded to her call for help. Noah was again treated for anorexia at Westmead Children’s Hospital and was assessed by a social worker who suggested that he needed to be seen by staff who could help with his gender dysphoria.

But that was stopped by a senior staff member outside the gender clinic who said doctors needed to focus on treating his anorexia in isolation. Four Corners reported that Noah was “effectively denied any specialized gender support by the hospital.” Noah was increasingly eager to return to school in his new gender and took his own life in January.Read More……..

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