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A New York woman died when a monster flash flood wave ripped her home from the ground as Vermont is expected to be hit with up to six inches of rain Tuesday morning. Pamela Nugent, 35, drowned while trying to flee her Highland Falls, New York, home with her dog Monday during the catastrophic flooding. Rescue teams recovered her body from the bottom of a ravine.

Devastating rains have blocked roads and battered homes across the East Coast, with more havoc expected in the early hours of Tuesday morning. President Biden declared a state of emergency in Vermont due to flooding. Nugent, who recently became engaged to her partner before drowning in the horrific flood, was remembered by her neighbor Jessica Eshleman. ‘I’m still a bit in shock. I lost everything,’ Eshleman told ABC7. She added that Nugent, her fiancée and her father tried to reach higher ground.

“And then they made it across, and I guess she got scared and panicked, she tried to cross with the dog, it happened too suddenly.” Another neighbor who knew Nugent said: ‘When someone dies, it’s a shame. The circumstances of how it happened, that makes it even worse.


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The age of Pamela Nugent was 35 year.

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Heavy rains from the storm drenched New on Sunday, causing flash flooding near West Point, where the US Military Academy is located, and surrounding cities. New York Governor Kathy Hochul warned that by the time the storm had passed, the damage was catastrophic.

“This was a terrifying and life-threatening experience,” she said, adding that she had spoken to the White House to request federal help. She said of Nugent: “Her house of hers was drinking too much water, she was with her dog and her fiancée literally saw her swept away.”


Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus said: “She was trying to ride out (the flood) with her dog and she was overwhelmed by tidal waves.” Millions of people in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and Pennsylvania remain subject to flash flood warnings as storms continue to batter the Northeast.

The epicenter of the flooding was in Hudson Valley, New York, on Monday, but Vermont was expected to be hardest hit as of Tuesday. Vermont State Police said in an alert: “Dangerous flooding continues this afternoon across most of Vermont. ‘Nearly three dozen state highways are closed due to high water, with more likely to close as rivers and streams continue to rise. This figure does not include urban roads.’

Footage from Monday showed Ludlow, Vermont, apparently under water as roads turned into rivers amid the devastating torrent. The Vermont Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management stated that swift water rescue teams have been working “primarily in the cities of Londonderry, Weston, Bridgewater, Andover, Ludlow, and Middlesex.”


Rivers are expected to peak overnight, they warned. Dams in Jamaica and Townshend are expected to “release large amounts of water over their spillways” overnight. In a dire prediction, the National Weather Service in Vermont said the storms could be “potentially catastrophic” and as bad as those brought by Hurricane Irene in 2011.

“Significant or potentially catastrophic widespread flash flooding is expected through Monday night, with possible impacts not seen since Irene,” the Weather Service said in a forecast. Vermont State Police say roads have been closed as a result of the flooding and more are expected.

“Serious and life-threatening flooding is occurring across much of Vermont today. ‘Emergency teams have carried out rescues in multiple communities. “Flash flood warnings are in effect from the Massachusetts line to the Canadian border,” said an announcement on the force’s Twitter account.


At a news conference, Vermont Governor Phil Scott warned: “We haven’t seen rain like this since Irene and in some cases it will exceed that.” Nineteen people have already been rescued by boat in Vermont. In Burlington, Vermont, the ground has already received 300 percent of its normal precipitation in the last two weeks, making it a “high risk.”

Some southern cities of Londonderry and Ludlow were inaccessible, as was the city of Vermont. On Sunday in New York, Cornwall, which is located on the west bank of the Hudson River, also declared a state of emergency. Neuhaus said the town of Highland Falls, near West Point, was the scene of “an absolute war zone.”

Predicting that repairs to fix the ‘massive’ water damage would take months, he added; “It’s a difficult situation, many people are trying to make their way to help us.” State Senator James Skoufis confirmed that “vital infrastructure and homes were leveled” during the catastrophic weather event.


Rockland County Executive Ed Day said six hikers had to be rescued from the surrounding flooded spot, as well as dozens of drivers, who were trapped in heavy downpours. Day said, “Orange and Rockland County Fire Departments rescued 40 people from their cars in the long circle of hills at the top of Palisades Avenue.“Read More……..

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