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Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni allegedly beat his girlfriend to death on Sunday, January 1, in Mexico after she confessed to sleeping with another man, according to reports.

The former UFC fighter was arrested after the woman reportedly sustained a serious head injury from her when he threw her into the shower during an outburst.

According to the Mexican news outlet Tribuna De La Bahia, her agents discovered her naked on a bed inside the hotel room. Reports say the professional wrestler revealed to police that he and his girlfriend, Paola, got into a furious argument in a San Pancho hotel room after she confessed to cheating on him.


Phil Baroni Age

The age of Phil Baroni is 41 years.

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Phil Baroni allegedly beat his girlfriend to death Paola

The 46-year-old New Yorker, Phil Baroni, who police suspect was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, told authorities that he then forced Paola to take a bath, and when she resisted, he threw her into the shower, they reported. New York Post. According to the report, she hit her head and slipped, then hurt her head again when she fell.

The UFC veteran claimed that when her girlfriend complained of being cold, he helped her into bed and then took her clothes off to cover her with a sheet. According to Baroni, after asking her to buy her beer and cigarettes, Paola fell asleep and wouldn’t wake up. After that, he ran to the policemen outside the hotel to tell them that his girlfriend was not responding.


After that, police discovered Baroni’s girlfriend, a Mexico City resident, naked in bed with “multiple signs of beatings” and “no vital signs.” According to the New York Post, an extensive investigation into the incident was launched following Baroni’s arrest on a murder charge. He is currently being held in Valle de Banderas.

A State Department spokeswoman confirmed to the outlet that Baroni is being held in Mexico and that they are “providing adequate assistance.”

Baroni had a 19-year MMA career that concluded in 2019 and saw him fight for a variety of the sport’s biggest promotions, including the UFC, Pride FC, Strikeforce, Bellator, ONE Championship and others.


He is best remembered for his 18-second knockout of Dave Menne at UFC 39, though he also faced former UFC champions Frank Shamrock and Evan Tanner, as well as numerous pioneering figures from the early days of MMA, according to MMA Fighting.

This was the second recent violent incident by the UFC in Mexico. While vacationing with his wife Anne in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last month, UFC president Dana White was caught on camera punching her.

The video was published by TMZ. White told TMZ this week that he was “embarrassed” and concerned about the impact on his three children. “You’ve heard me say for years, ‘There’s never an excuse for a man to put his hands on a woman,’ and now here I am on TMZ talking about it,” White told the outlet.Read More….


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