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A woman visiting Texas shot the Uber driver and later claimed she did it because she mistakenly believed he was kidnapping her to take her to Mexico, according to court documents. Uber driver Daniel Piedra Garcia, 52, has been clinging to life in ICU since he was shot in the head last Friday, El Paso station KTSM reported. Phoebe Copas, 48, now charged with felony aggravated assault causing grievous bodily injury, was visiting her boyfriend in El Paso before the shooting, according to KFOX-TV.

Phoebe Copas Age

the age of Phoebe Copas is 48 year.

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Phoebe Copas accused of killing an Uber driver

The Tompkinsville, Kentucky woman ordered an Uber to take her to a local casino, where she planned to meet her boyfriend when she got off work. Piedra picked Copas up, and as she headed to the casino, Copas saw road signs reading “Juarez, Mexico,” according to KTSM. Copas claims that this was what led her to believe that she was being kidnapped and taken to Mexico.


Copas took a “silver and brown gun from her bag” and allegedly shot the driver in the head, causing the car to crash into highway barriers before coming to a stop on US-54 near Loop 375. Police noted in charging documents that the shooting did not occur near a bridge, port of entry or any other area with immediate access to Mexico.

Police told KTSM that their investigation does not support that a kidnapping occurred or that Piedra was deviating from the Copas Uber route. “Her passenger of hers shot her in the head because she believed he was kidnapping her and taking her to Juárez, which was not the case,” the driver’s wife, Ana, said in an online post. “Daniel was just following the route from the Uber app.”

Both drivers and passengers can track the route assigned by Uber to drivers on their phones, according to the ride-sharing company. Uber also offers passengers a feature that allows them to share their location with a friend or loved one. Before calling 911 to seek help from authorities, Copas took photos of the bloodied and injured man and texted them to her boyfriend, according to court documents.


The unidentified boyfriend drove to the location to pick up Copas and was helping her out of the car when police arrived, according to police. We are appalled by the passenger’s actions,” Uber said in a statement to KFOX. “Violence is not tolerated on the Uber platform and we ban the passenger as soon as we find out what happened.”

Piedra’s family is “waiting for a miracle,” adding that she recently started working for Uber after recovering from knee surgery. He is the only provider for our family and he had not been able to work for some time due to a knee injury, ”explained his wife. “He was so excited to finally be able to provide some income for his family just for this tragedy to happen.”Read More……..

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