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The mother of the slain Georgia boy, Quinton Simon, has been charged with malice and felony manslaughter, as well as other crimes, the area district attorney’s office said Wednesday, December 14.

According to Shalena Cook-Jones, Chatham County District Attorney, Leilani Simon is charged with 19 counts related to the death of her two-year-old son.

Jones claims that Leilani Simon was indicted by the grand jury on one count of felony manslaughter, two counts of felony murder and one count of concealing the death of another person.


Leilani, 22, is also charged with lying to police on 14 counts and falsely reporting a crime, according to reports in the New York Post. This week, Billie Jo Howell,

Quinton’s grandmother, was arrested in what appeared to be a separate contempt of court case unrelated to the boy’s death. She was booked into the county jail on Monday, Dec. 12, according to Chatham County Sheriff’s Office records.

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Quinton Simon’s mom Leilani Age

The age of Quinton Simon’s mom Leilani is 22 years.

Quinton Simon’s mom Leilani, Slapped with 19 charges

As your district attorney, I realize this matter is really important to our community and also to the inquisitive minds both here and beyond our community who want to know what happened to baby Quinton and how it happened,” Jones said during a press conference. She added:


“That curiosity is not lost on me, however there is more evidence that may be revealed during the course of this investigation and I am saying this to remind everyone that this is an ongoing criminal investigation.”

Quinton was allegedly attacked with an unknown instrument by Leilani, who then dumped his lifeless body in a dumpster at Azalea Mobile Home Plaza, according to the grand jury indictment.

Leilani allegedly claimed in the indictment that she was just dumping “normal household rubbish” and claimed in a television interview in late October that she wanted baby Quinton to be found “happy and alive” and denied any involvement in her son’s disappearance.


However, she admitted, according to the indictment, that she left her home to meet with her drug dealer, which is charged as a second count of false statement. This comes just hours before she is accused of disposing of her son’s body in a dumpster, OMCC reports.

Leilani, who was arrested and charged by police last month after the boy’s bones were discovered in a nearby garbage dump on October 5, filed a missing person report.

He said Quinton was last seen at the Savannah home shared by Leilani, her boyfriend, her 3-year-old son and her mother, who was the legal guardian of her two children.


Jones vowed that her office will use all available resources to ensure the investigation is “properly handled from start to finish” and said the case will not reveal any material that she believes could harm the case.

“Without disclosing this evidence also ensures that the criminal process remains impartial, fair, without blemish and that this case is not tried in the court of public opinion, but is decided in a court of law,” she added. “We all know that justice takes time, but it must be fast, safe and fair.Read More

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