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Two young police officers shot during a cold-blooded siege on a property in Queensland’s Western Downs have been identified. Constable Rachel McCrow, 29, and Constable Matthew Arnold, 26, were part of a group of four constables who attended a Wieambilla property on Darling Downs in Queensland on Monday December 12 in search of the missing person. Nathaniel Train.

The four Queensland police officers arrived at the property around 4:40 p.m. m. when they were ambushed by three shooters, two men and one woman, dressed in camouflage. Point-blank shots left the two officers dead on the ground. According to Yahoo News, the gunman fired more shots into their bodies after they lost consciousness. The assailants reportedly set a fire to persuade a young policewoman, who took cover in the tall grass. The grateful fourth officer managed to flee the scene with just a grazed bullet. A man from a neighboring property, who has been identified as Alan Dare, was also killed in the siege.

Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold Age

The age of Constable Rachel McCrow was 29 years and age of Constable Matthew Arnold was 26 years.


Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold, Killed during gunfight

The siege situation ensued, with 16 specialist policemen killing the three criminals in the shootout. The three criminals are identified as Train, his brother Gareth and Gareth’s wife, Stacey. In response to the shooting, Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the two officers did not have a chance to save their lives. “Despite the efforts of the police, the matter could not be resolved peacefully and the three offenders were shot and killed by specialist officers,” Commissioner Carroll said, before adding, “in total, six people have lost their lives.”

The two surviving officers were later identified as Officer Keeley Brough and Officer Randall Kirk, both 28 years old and based in Chinchilla. Both are currently in the local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. “I have to say, from what I’ve seen, they didn’t stand a chance,” Commissioner Carroll added. “The fact that two made it out alive is a miracle.” When she was asked what she saw at the scene, Carroll said officers had been shot in an open area. “Look, I’m not going to go into that too much, other than to say that when you’re in that scene, walking up to the house and where this apparently happened, they were in an exposed area,” she said. “I would say again that I cannot believe that two officers made it out alive,” she said.

On Tuesday morning, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that some buildings in the city, including Brisbane’s Story Bridge, would be lit up in blue and white to pay tribute to dead officers. Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said a fundraiser had been organized for his families. “They were both incredible people who were highly respected by their colleagues and those close to them,” Leavers said. I spoke to Matthew’s father last night. It’s hard to know what to say. He was devastated. Our thoughts are with Matthew’s parents and Rachel’s family as well.”


A candlelight vigil has also been arranged for both officers at Calamvale Police Station in south Brisbane starting at 6pm tonight. Describing her grief, Agent Arnold’s mother, Sue, said that she was about to return home for Christmas. “Matt Arnold was our beautiful little boy who was due to come home tomorrow on his break to stay with us until Christmas,” she said. “Words cannot express our devastation.”

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