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Less than a week after his release, Gaston-Anderson entered a restaurant and opened fire on an Asian waiter named Chengyan Wang, shooting him 11 times and nearly killing him.

Wang survived and is now suing The Bail Project over the incident.

Rashawn Gaston-Anderson, 24, was arrested in November 2021 for burglary and robbery, but was released by The Bail Project after they paid his $3,000 bai.


Wang’s lawsuit has focused on The Bail Project for paying to free Gaston Anderson despite his criminal past.

This and similar nonprofits have sprung up since the Black Lives Matter protests and riots of summer 2020 to help free criminal suspects who cannot post bail.

Supporters say the bail system reinforces a two-tier justice system, that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and that it is unfair that a poor person languishes behind bars while wealthier defendants can walk free.


But critics say the idea gets dangerous criminals back on the streets, and may even encourage them to reoffend. Cities and states that have tried to limit the use of bail have seen increases in crime.

Rashawn Gaston-Anderson Age

The age of Rashawn Gaston-Anderson is 24 years.

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Rashawn Gaston-Anderson Killed Chengyan Wang he

Katie Poor, deputy general counsel for The Bail Project, doubled down on the organization’s mission of freeing the innocent until proven guilty, even as the organization rocked its Nevada chapter.

In November 2021, Gaston-Anderson was arrested by officers for pandering and carrying a concealed load, according to court records.


He was allowed to walk without bail at that arrest and was advised to stay out of trouble in the future.

The next day, he was arrested again in Las Vegas for robbery and theft.

That’s when The Bail Project stepped in.


The group, which seeks to disrupt the cash bail system, posted the $3,000 bond set by Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Amy Chelini.

Six days after his release from jail, Gaston-Anderson walked into the Shanghai Taste restaurant and shot Wang 11 times.

Wang previously said he was hit seven times and told the Las Vegas News 3 in March that the bullets pierced one of his lungs and his stomach.


Miraculously, the waiter survived and underwent rehabilitation for his injuries.

“I can still vividly remember when the first police officer on the scene immediately helped me stop the bleeding on my neck,” Wang said in an interview. And he helped me put pressure on others.

In the lawsuit, Wang’s lawyers say The Bail Project “failed to use due diligence to determine whether Rashawn Gaston-Anderson would be a danger to the community and likely to reoffend.”


In January, Cameron Pipe, Western regional director for The Bail Project, called the incident “shocking” and “tragedy.”

“It’s an absolute tragedy and The Bail Project, myself speaking for The Bail Project, found it absolutely shocking,” Pipe said.

A local outlet asked Pipe earlier this year how a decision like the one made regarding Gaston-Anderson’s release could be made.


“Every decision we make at The Bail Project goes through the exact same extensive review,” Pipe said at the time.

The owners of Aztec Bail Bonds also spoke to 8News Las Vegas and said they are skeptical of the process and mission.

“I don’t think they care and they really don’t care because a man almost lost his life,” Lilia Ceballos said.


“We pick and choose who we want to do business with. We just don’t rescue the usual problem cases,” Manny Ceballos told the outlet.

Since February 2021, The Bail Project has released 51 people in Las Vegas, according to a spokesperson.

91 percent of those who have been rescued have returned by court date, the spokesperson said.


The Bail Project’s deputy general counsel, Katie Poor, said her organization is committed to providing resources and releasing the innocent until proven guilty.

“We provide free assistance with bail and what we call supported community release that includes travel to and from court, court notices, and we try to navigate services in the community based on our clients’ self-identified needs.”

Gaston-Anderson had previously stated that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and that the Bail Project did not offer any services for his mental health issues.


Poor told 8News in December that she was unable to comment on any other aspect of the man’s case due to pending litigation.

Gaston-Anderson initially escaped, but was identified as a suspect and arrested a week after the December 20, 2021 shooting.

“I can still vividly remember when the first police officer on the scene immediately helped me stop the bleeding on my neck,” Wang said through an interpreter. And he helped me put pressure on others.


On October 31, Gaston-Anderson pleaded guilty to charges of attempted robbery with a deadly weapon and mutilation with the use of a deadly weapon.

The guilty plea guarantees that he will serve between seven and 18 years in prison.

According to The Bail Project’s website, the organization believes in ending cash bail, calling the issue “one of the defining issues of civil rights and racial justice today.”


“Together with our direct services and rescues, we use the power of human stories and data to make the public case for ending cash bail and investing in communities and alternatives to incarceration,” the group’s website states.Read More…..

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