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A 66-year-old grandfather-to-be was shot and killed while standing outside his son’s upper Manhattan deli Tuesday night. Visiting her son and pregnant daughter-in-law from Egypt, Reda Girgis was on the phone with his son when he was struck by a stray bullet and tragically lost his life outside ChopCheese Deli 2 in Washington Heights.

Police sources indicate that he was an innocent bystander and the shooting is believed to be an unfortunate consequence of a gang-related dispute.Girgis was standing at the corner of West 162nd street and Broadway around 7:10 p.m. when she was shot in the head likely intended for a gang rival, sources told the New York Post.

Reda Girgis Age

The age of Reda Girgis wss 66 years.


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Reda Girgis was shot and killed

The bullets came from a dark gray SUV, possibly an Audi with New Jersey license plates, according to The Post. After shooting, the driver fled the scene and headed south on Broadway, police said. Girgis was taken to Metropolitan Hospital Center, where he was pronounced dead. The victim’s son, Haney Girgis, who owns the store, was not there at the time.

The deli’s manager, Gamal Abouelezz, said he heard firecrackers, according to The Post. “Suddenly I saw the man fall to the ground,” he said. “The man who died is the owner’s father,” Abouelezz said. He came from Egypt to visit him three days ago. He was visiting his son and his pregnant daughter-in-law. He was here to celebrate the baby.

His daughter-in-law came and they talked. She was at the store dropping off groceries. Suddenly I saw that they were shooting at him. I saw the man die on TV. I went outside. Everyone panicked,” Abouelezz told the Post. Video obtained by the Post shows a group of teenagers who had been hanging out before the shooting, running into the store for safety before Girgis falls to the ground, his son’s wife panicking and then frantically running towards the store.


Kim Rem, a regular at the deli and also a member of the Egyptian community, knew Girgis. ‘Very good people. Very nice people. Decent, do everything good for the customer,’ Rem told ABC7. The community has been offering condolences to him and showing support for him by visiting the deli.

“These are hardworking people, they don’t deserve this,” Washington Heights resident Elizabeth Diaz told CBS. Another resident, Jessica Ramos, said the deli owners used to offer him free food during a period of time when he was homeless: “It’s amazing what they used to do for me.”

“He’s a family man,” Abouelezz said. “We don’t have a relationship, but I feel too close to him from the beginning when I met him.” According to witnesses, there was a large group of teenagers hanging out in the deli at the time of the shooting. They believe one of the children was the intended target.


Surveillance footage shows a crowd of bystanders gathering around Girgis’s body, with paramedics arriving minutes later, placing him on a gurney and performing chest compressions. Police said they found two men they believe were the intended targets, but were unable to provide any information, according to The Post. Detectives remained on the scene Wednesday morning. The 24-hour deli was closed overnight but has since reopened.

No arrests have been made yet. Officials said it is an ongoing investigation and they are reaching out to the public for anyone with information or advice. ‘It’s sad. I mean, I’m here right now having breakfast. It could be any of us,” a resident told CBS. “He just came here to smoke a cigarette,” said one person. “I’ve been here for over 35 years and it just keeps getting worse.”

‘This store is in a dangerous place. It’s not the first time, it’s a couple of times that something with firearms has already happened,’ said José Rodríguez, a Washington Heights resident. Americans continue to flee expensive, crime-ridden cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. New York City experienced the largest exodus with 404,000 residents leaving in the last two years due in large part to crime.


Crime rose nearly 23 percent in New York in 2022 under the first year of mayor and former police officer Eric Adams, who had to assign additional police officers to the subway system to control the skyrocketing crime.

However, overall felony crime has decreased in five of the seven serious crime categories so far this year, including: murder, rape, robbery, theft and grand theft. Gun violence in particular is down, with shooting incidents down 23 percent so far in 2022.Read More……



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