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In a plea deal, Texas teenager Reid Mitchell has pleaded guilty to assaulting teammate Cole Hagan, The Facts reported. Mitchell will spend 120 days in jail and the next 10 years on probation. The Hagans are “very happy” and feel the justice system worked, his lawyer told Insider.

Reid Mitchell, who state prosecutors accused of brutally assaulting his teammate Cole Hagan in 2021, has reached a plea deal. He will serve 120 days in jail and then a 10-year probation.

Mitchell, 19, pleaded guilty Friday. His family, including his parents, his sister and two sets of grandparents, joined him in a courtroom in Angleton, Texas, according to the Brazoria County newspaper The Facts, which first reported the case. plea agreement.


Reid Mitchell Age

The age of Reid Mitchell is 19 years.

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Reid Mitchell pleaded guilty to assaulting teammate Cole Hagan

Mitchell left the courtroom in handcuffs on his way to the Brazoria County Jail to receive his 120-day sentence, according to The Facts. The conviction on his record will be expunged if he passes his 10-year probation without other violations, the outlet reported. Hagan’s attorney, Loren Klitsas, told Insider that the family was “satisfied” with the plea agreement. “The family is very, very pleased with Reid Mitchell’s sentencing,” Klitsas told Insider. “They feel like the judicial system worked.”

A Brazoria County grand jury indicted Mitchell on March 2022 second-degree felony aggravated assault following the attack on Hagan at a pool party on the night of December 3, 2021. Teens Logan Huber and Ayden Holland they told police they lured Hagan outside, where Mitchell beat him, leaving him hospitalized and on a ventilator with a fractured skull, brain bleeds and a broken clavicle.


The Texas court also charged Huber and Holland with felony aggravated assault. Their trials are scheduled for May 15, according to court records.

In the courtroom on Friday, the prosecution filed a written statement from Hagan requesting that the judge and the district attorney’s office accept the guilty plea, The Facts reported. Hagan “spoke quietly but firmly” when he was called as a witness to accept the terms of the plea agreement, according to the outlet.Read more…..

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