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Roger Haber has represented the likes of James Gandolfini and Fred Gwynne, and former Miss America Cara Mund. His Twitter bio reads: “New Yorker living in Los Angeles. Married to the best woman of all time. Proud father of my 5 children.” He reportedly runs Artists Financial Management, a firm that advises students, artists and other creative professionals in West Hollywood.

Roger Haber Age

The age of Roger Haber is 37 years.

Roger Haber, Raping star Jaime Gleicher after plying her with cocaine

Aber allegedly invited Gleicher and his friends to his apartment and offered them cocaine, according to court documents. The lawsuit states that Gleicher felt pressured to take drugs “in large part because she perceived that Mr. Haber could exert enormous influence over her career.”


Court documents allege that Gleicher was left alone with Haber after her friends left. Haber then pressured her to kiss him and remove her shirt. She became self-conscious and asked Haber to give her a blanket with which she could cover herself and she “explicitly” told Haber that she was not going to have sex with him, the New York Post reported. She accompanied the lawyer to her room to get a blanket, where she allegedly reiterated that she would not have sexual intercourse.

“At the time, Ms. Gleicher had never had a sexual relationship,” the lawsuit says. “As discussed on national television on ‘Rich Girls’ in an episode about Ms. Gleicher’s prom night, Ms. Gleicher was looking forward to having sexual intercourse for the first time with someone with whom she was in a serious romantic relationship.” .

The lawsuit further claimed that Gleicher went to bed assuming Haber understood her ultimatum. However, she allegedly woke up with Haber on top of her and raped her. She claimed that she begged Haber to stop and was eventually able to escape and lock herself in a bathroom.


When Gleicher tried to leave her apartment, Haber allegedly stopped her and told her, “You can’t leave until you’re done with me.” He then sexually assaulted her again, the lawsuit says. Gleicher eventually went home and then headed to Mount Sinai West with her mother, where she was examined. DNA tests were taken and she told a psychiatrist about the alleged sexual assault.

At the time, she refused to report the incident to the police. “Ultimately, Ms. Gleicher chose not to involve the police. … She was terrified that she would be forever identified and shamed as a rape victim of hers and that her career as a writer of hers would be ruined as a result,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit further added that Haber called her later and told her that she wanted to “verify” and that she has not seen him since. “She also understood that Mr. Haber wielded significant influence in the entertainment industry she hoped to enter and therefore chose the path of silence for many years,” the lawsuit says.


Gleicher was reportedly left traumatized after the assault and battled drug addiction and eating disorders. She even had to undergo various rehabilitation programs. She currently works as a social worker and therapist in New York.

Meanwhile, Haber’s attorney, Carrie Cohen, said: “Mr. Haber categorically denies the unsubstantiated allegations in the complaint and hopes that the actual facts will come to light in litigation.”

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