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Rosa Isela Castro Vázquez died in a horrible incident in which a man and a woman opened her womb by cutting the victim’s stomach and extracting the fetus. The Daily Mail reports that the woman committed the crime because she was unable to have children, an official investigating the case said. The two suspects have been arrested on charges of kidnapping and femicide. The assailants appeared in court on December 5.

Rosa Isela Age

Rosa Isela was 20 years old.

Rosa Isela, cut open her womb to steal unborn baby

A pregnant Mexican woman was murdered by two assailants who ripped open her uterus and stole her baby. Rosa Isela, eight months pregnant, was kidnapped by the alleged assailants who dumped her body after cutting her uterus and taking the baby. The 20-year-old girl was found dead in Medellín del Bravo, in the Mexican state of Veracruz; Police detained the two suspected attackers after authorities found the newborn baby with them, the attorney general’s office in the eastern state stated, the Daily Mail reports.


According to the Daily Mail, Isela was tricked into meeting the alleged perpetrators through a false promise to offer her baby clothes. The deal was communicated through social media, according to Isela’s sister, whose name was not revealed publicly, as well as her relatives who spoke to local media. This case is reportedly the third such incident in recent years. According to official figures, around 1,000 women were murdered in cases of femicide in Mexico in 2021.

The encounter between Isela and the suspected woman was caught on surveillance footage near the airport, which showed the late-arriving woman talking to Isela and looking around her worried and anxious during her conversation. The pregnant woman disappeared from the moment she got into the vehicle after the conversation. Following the incident, authorities launched an investigation. “The State Attorney General’s Office, in charge of Verónica Hernández Giadans, informs that officials of the Ministerial Police arrested Gonzalo ‘N’ and Verónica ‘N’ as alleged perpetrators of the crime of disappearance committed by individuals”, reads the statement of the December 4, Veracruz State Attorney General’s Office, according to the Daily Mail. The two suspects Gonzalo ‘N’ and Verónica ‘N’ were arrested for the gruesome murder. In Mexico, the ‘N’ is used to withhold full name of suspects per local privacy laws. The investigation is being carried out by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, reports the Daily Mail. Isela’s baby, a girl, was found alive by authorities and is doing well, officials report.

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