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The top official in Uvalde County, Texas, where 19 elementary school students and two teachers were killed by gunman Salvador Ramos on May 24, has yet to complete active shooter training, according to a local aide who spoke at a Commissioners Court meeting on Monday, December 12. 12. Sheriff Ruben Nolasco, who has been criticized for his lack of leadership during the Robb Elementary massacre, is one of three officers in the department he leads who have not completed training to date, the consultant said. Only 20 percent of the 15 Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office deputies had received training on how to handle an active shooter situation at the time of the tragedy.

Ruben Nolasco, Robb Elementary School incident massacre

Richard W Carter, who says he was hired only to investigate sheriff’s office operations and not the deputies’ actions on May 24, said Sheriff Ruben Nolasco was one of those who did not receive active shooter training, according to KAGS TV. “He hasn’t taken the course that his officers, all but three of his officers have taken. He plans to do that for the foreseeable future,” Carter told reporters after the meeting. “My understanding is that he wanted to make sure that all of his people who were able to get out were trained,” Carter added.

Rubén was one of the 376 officers who came to help the children and teachers during the tragic incident. Unlike most, however, he had the rank and opportunity to take charge easily, as he had intel on the shooter and a call on the victims in the classroom, and was considered by others to be an informed commander. Although Nolasco had been a city and county law enforcement officer for more than 30 years and knew many members of the command structures of many of the multiple agencies that came to Robb, he chose to stay at a different crime scene that already was in control, while a far greater disaster took place. The sheriff did not take charge even when he arrived and did not respond to the cries for help from girls trapped with injured classmates and teachers, according to CNN.


In the aftermath of the mass shootings, UCSO is one of several agencies under scrutiny for its actions. Multiple investigations over the past six months revealed that law enforcement missed multiple opportunities to intervene when the gunman entered the classroom. Police breached the classroom door 77 minutes after the shooter entered. The reviewer states that as part of the department’s policies and procedures, there is a dictionary term that differentiates an active shooter from a suspect who is holed up. Officers wrongly assuming they were responding to an entrenched individual rather than an active shooter was one of the first excuses offered for slow law enforcement response. The individual actions of one deputy during the incident were not examined in the requested review; instead, he focused on departmental policy and procedures.

The presence of Mariano Pargas, a former Uvalde police officer who was attacked after it was claimed that he knew some children were still alive inside the school but did nothing, added tension to the meeting. Several people called on him to resign as he attended the first court meeting since he was reelected last month. Among them was Jesse Rizo, the uncle of Jackie Cazares, the victim, who challenged Pargas in the encounter. “He didn’t do his job as an officer, but he wants people to trust him in the job he has now? How can he expect that, how can he expect the healing process to take place,” Rizo said. “He can’t.”

Pargas left the building where Texas DPS officers and Uvalde County deputies were present. Regarding his participation in the shooting, he dodged inquiries. Brett Cross, Uziyah Garcia’s uncle and a vocal supporter of change since the shooting, was thrown out of the meeting after a participant in the audience claimed that Pargas had been reappointed.


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