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The LaFleur family said Samuel was the life of their home, always smiling and laughing and his contagious personality extended far beyond their home. A search is on for the person responsible for the shooting deaths of two teens at a Douglasville Sweet 16 house party. On Saturday night, Samuel Moon 15, and Ajanaye Hill, 14, were shot at a party attended by more than 100 teenagers. On Wednesday, officials increased the reward for finding the suspects involved to $40,000.

In an exclusive interview with 11Alive, Samuel’s entire family spoke out about the tragedy. “It feels like someone took my heart and ripped it out,” said Samuel’s mother, Beverly LaFleur. LaFleur was overcome with emotion when she talked about her child. “The lights, the police were so far away, I couldn’t get in, so I opened the door and said ‘let’s go,’ and I ran out and ran all the way because I had to get to my baby,” LaFleur said as she described her arrival at the shooting scene.

Samuel Moon Age

The age of Samuel Moon was just 14 years.


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Samuel Moon cause of death

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. about 100 teenagers flooded Talkeetna Road as the house party closed. Shortly after, someone opened fire on the crowd. In all, six teenagers were hit by gunfire.

“He was running for his life and yes, he was hit by a stray bullet, but the fact that this powerful weapon was in the hands of a child means that we no longer have safe spaces,” said Samuel’s uncle, Dr. Richard LaFleur. said: “There is no safer place for our children to gather.” Maryse Moon, Samuel’s older sister, simply described her emotions as “shock.”

Samuel’s other sister, Catherine, and her brother, Samaun, echoed similar sentiments. “I would say there are a lot of emotions going on at the same time, so you can’t really feel one thing, you feel all or nothing,” she said.  “That’s my little brother,” said Samaun. “We played together all the time, we pretty much did everything together.” The LaFleur family said Samuel was the life of their home, always smiling and laughing and his contagious personality extended far beyond his home.


“I met with his bus driver today. She came over and said that he was going to give everyone a touch, from the back of the bus to the front of the bus, that he would have to make sure that everyone was smiling, so he was just a fun-loving kid.” his mother said. “And this bow tie is his trademark, every time we had to get dressed to go anywhere, he would take out this bow tie and I’m representing him right now with this bow tie. There will be a community prayer walk in honor of Samuel and Ajanaye on Thursday at 6 p.m. The group will walk from Plume Way to Tackett Road.Read More…..

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