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The former CEO of ice cream snack company Dippin’ Dots Scott Fischer has been arrested after allegedly attacking his girlfriend and meeting police while naked and intoxicated.

Scott Fischer, 43, came home drunk from work Tuesday, according to authorities in a KOKH report. He and his girlfriend argued over his drinking, which has worsened in recent weeks, police in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma said. They continued to argue, but Fischer finally undressed and went to bed around 5:45 p.m., officers said. The defendant, however, allegedly resumed the argument when the girlfriend was trying to fall asleep some six hours later.

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The age of Scott Fischer is 43 years.


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Charges on Scott Fischer

Fischer allegedly got up from the bed, grabbed her shirt, and grabbed her by the collar, choking her. She slapped him to escape. This progressed into the living room. Fischer allegedly threw her onto her couch on her back and began hitting her across the chest. Officers claimed to have found several small drops of blood on the backs of the seat cushions. The girlfriend managed to get up and call 911, but Fischer took the phone from her, officers said. He finally managed to escape from the house.

Officers claim they arrived to find Fischer “completely naked with a blank expression on his face.” He supposedly stopped with a “circular swing”. The officers said he smelled strongly of alcohol and that he was “unsteady on his feet” as they escorted him to the patrol vehicle. He is charged with domestic violence by strangulation, public intoxication, interfering with an emergency call and indecent exposure.

“While things may not be as reported, and have been half-represented. it is an unfortunate matter that it was not as reported (sic),” Fischer told KWTV-DT in a statement for a report on Friday. Fischer was arrested in 2018 by police officers in the city of Edmond, Oklahoma, for allegedly drunkenly crashing into a power pole, driving through an iron fence and hitting two houses, according to KFOR.


Another woman, Fischer’s ex-girlfriend, sued him in 2021 for allegedly leading an elaborate effort to humiliate and blackmail her. This involved him sending nude photos of her, some of which were allegedly taken without consent, to various people, including her own mother.

She said Fischer constantly abused alcohol during her relationship, though she often pleaded with him to stop participating in the self-destructive lifestyle that she says led to the end of their relationship. Fischer repeatedly suggested that he was “too rich or powerful for her to hold him accountable” and promised that “the law can’t catch up with him,” according to the lawsuit.

“I just sent your nudes to everyone […] look what I do to you,” she allegedly texted him. “I’ll make sure all the sex pics, the bad pics are sent to your employer, they’ll be sent to our friends soon, then I’ll sue you for [the dog]… you want to see what war is like? …I’m about to show it to you.”Read More……


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