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WASHINGTON, DC – Shanteari Weems who is currently serving her jail sentence for shooting her husband, has spoken in detail about her crime. In a jailhouse interview, the Baltimore woman said she shot her husband James Weems at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC, after multiple reports of child abuse against him surfaced. “She was excited,” she told CBS affiliate WUSA in a recent session. Weems spoke for the first time after a judge rejected her guilty plea.

She is currently being held on charges of aggravated assault and carrying a handgun without a license. Interestingly, prosecutors asked for a two-year prison term for Weems, but the judge rebuked the sentence and doubled the prison time to 4 years for taking the law into her own hands. Weems twice punched her husband, who was facing multiple allegations of child sexual abuse. “I blew up,” she said, “further revealing that her intent was to confront and kill her husband and then shoot herself as well,” according to Law & Crime.

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The age of Shanteari Weems is not declared.


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Shanteari Weems killed her husband

“Despite my surroundings, I’m fine,” Weems told WUSA. “I have a lot of supporters and people who cheer me on and help me survive.” The hashtag #freeshanteari is often trending online. “The only person I had to find out about was my husband. And he kept saying that he did not do it… I did believe him, ”said the 50-year-old owner of the nursery, for whom her husband worked as a driver. Although police in the area were investigating the allegation, Weems was not told who the main suspect in the case was.

“I saw the pain in his face and I knew he wasn’t lying,” Weems said when one of her parents spoke to her. “Finally he said that he was my husband.” Weems shared her emotional turmoil in the interview: “I felt like the blood had drained from my body because…he was my husband. You were supposed to help me protect these children.

He always told me that he was my protector. So when I heard this, I felt like my world had ended. We were both supposed to be on this crusade to save children and child sexual abuse is something we’d talked about all along, how horrible it was. I think about that boy all the time. I think about all the kids all the time.” She concluded: “I am not a violent person. The situation was like a fire.”Read More…..


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