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A German-Iraqi woman allegedly murdered her double she found on Instagram in an elaborate plot to fake her own death. The alleged suspect, identified as 23-year-old Sharaban K , killed beauty blogger Khadidja O, also 23, in Ingolstadt in August 2022.

German authorities revealed that Khadidja had been stabbed more than 50 times and left in the back seat of Sharaban’s Mercedes. The alleged perpetrator and an accomplice, now identified as her boyfriend Sheqir K, went into hiding after committing the crime. Police found the vehicle and traced the car’s registration back to Sharaban’s family.

Investigators initially assumed she was a victim since her corpse had been disfigured beyond recognition. A subsequent autopsy report discovered that the actual victim was Khadidja, prompting an investigation into the chilling case, now dubbed “the doppelganger murder” by German media.


Authorities charged Sharaban this week with murder after prosecutors noted how she scoured Instagram in search of her to find a victim who matched her physical appearance. Speaking to local outlet Bild, Attorney General Veronika Grieser said: “It has been confirmed that the defendant had contacted several women via Instagram before the act who appeared to resemble her. After investigation, it can be assumed that the suspect wanted to hide due to internal family disputes and faked her own death.” She a set of beauty products.

Sharaban K Age

The age of Sharaban K is 23 years.

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Sharaban K accused of killing lookalike beauty blogger Khadidja O

Sharaban told her parents on the day of the crime that she was going to visit her ex-husband in Munich. However, she went with her boyfriend Sheqir of hers and allegedly picked up Khadidja in a Mercedes. Investigators believe they turned into a forest at some point and stabbed the victim more than 50 times. As mentioned, the injuries were so severe that Khadidja could not be immediately identified.


Later, Sharaban and Sheqir parked the Mercedes in a place where it would be easily discovered, leaving the victim’s body in the back seat. Authorities were shocked when they learned that the victim was not actually Sharaban as they originally suspected. After investigating her interactions on social media, they discovered that she had connected with several lookalikes. Investigators then theorized that she had murdered one of the women to fake her own death.

Sharaban was eventually tracked down and arrested. She has now been officially charged with murder and faces life in prison if convicted. Meanwhile, Sheqir was also charged as an accessory and faced similar jail time, according to the New York Post. “The murder weapon has not yet been found, but the burden of proof is overwhelming,” police spokesman Andreas Aichele told Bild, adding: “The victim was killed with more than 50 stab wounds and her face was severely damaged. injured. That was brutal in the extreme.” Aichele continued: “It was an extraordinary case that required all the skills of the investigators. It’s not every day that we get a case like this, let alone with such a spectacular twist. The day we found the body, We didn’t expect it to develop like this.”Read More….

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