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Sheldon Jeter Jr a former high school football star, is the “prime suspect” in the murder of his former teacher, Rachael DelTondo, with whom he was intimately involved. Rachael DelTondo was shot multiple times in the driveway of her mother’s Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, home on Mother’s Day 2018. Now, more than five years after the teacher’s murder, the local district attorney has announced the “prime suspect ” in a case of crime of passion, which, he says, he lacks evidence to prosecute, reports KDKA-TV.

“Sheldon Jeter is the prime suspect, although we don’t have enough evidence to make an arrest,” Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier told news outlets on August 15. “We are seeking help from the public and will open new avenues such as offering a reward for new information.”

Jeter was the younger lover and a former student of the 33-year-old teacher. The fall before her death, DelTondo was suspended from her job at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School on an allegation that she had been inappropriately involved with a male student at her school and police officers alleged that she had been seen with a teenager at a car parked at 2:00 a.m. m., the Beaver County Times reported. DelTondo was never criminally charged.


Sheldon Jeter Jr Age

The age of Sheldon Jeter Jr is not clear.

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Charges on Sheldon Jeter Jr

In 2021, Jeter was convicted of the 2021 murder of 30-year-old Tyric Pugh, a close friend with whom he had gone out for ice cream before the fatal 2020 shooting. Jeter was sentenced to life in prison behind bars, but is pending. a hearing on alleged jury misconduct, reports 48 Hours. Jeter, a high school football star now in his mid-20s, has never been charged in connection with DelTondo’s death.

The night of the shooting, the teacher had also just returned from a trip for ice cream. As she got out of her car at her mother’s house, someone gunned her down, firing 10 to 12 shots in her direction, neighbors reported at the time. DelTondo was pronounced dead at the scene around 10:30 p.m. on Mother’s Day. “I think people will speculate that there were bitter feelings,” Lozier said of the possible motive for Jeter’s murder, WPXI-TV reported. “Maybe jealousy.”


Following his alleged inappropriate contact with Jeter, DelTondo became engaged to another man, Frank Catroppa, whom police also questioned in the course of their murder investigation. Lozier has defended DelTondo against allegations of inappropriate conduct with Jeter when he was a minor, telling CBS News the allegations were “disgraceful” and the product of “a personal vendetta against her at the time.”

DelTondo’s murder case has proven difficult to prosecute: There were no eyewitnesses to her shooting and police have never recovered the gun used in the shooting. But Lozier asserted that GPS and surveillance footage have built a strong circumstantial case that Jeter “had a pattern of stalking” his former teacher at the time of her murder, WPXI-TV reported, and, the district attorney said, plans to reveal the arrest warrants. to that point

The district attorney appealed to the public for help in the case, saying his office needs key evidence to locate Jeter at the crime scene, and he is willing to offer a prize for that information. “I can’t put it in the driveway beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said, KDKA-TV reported. “Someone out there knows something. Does anyone know something to confirm what happened? Jeter’s defense attorney, Michael Santicola, who represented him in the Pugh murder case, told the station that the district attorney’s announcement, which names Jeter as the prime suspect on only circumstantial evidence, reeks of “desperation.” ”.


“It certainly seems like a lot to do for nothing,” he told the station. “Seems like a strange announcement at this point five years later. Are we basically announcing that we don’t have any evidence to charge anyone?” Santicola told WPXI-TV that Jeter was “100 percent ‘innocent’ in the DelTondo murder.” DelTondo’s parents told the network they believe Jeter is guilty of killing her daughter, but also said much information related to the case had not been made public.

Lozier is months away from a district attorney election, and his opposition candidate, Nathan Bible, characterized Jeter’s naming as suspect as Lozier “trying to throw something in there and hoping it will stick.” “This is definitely a black mark on his record as a district attorney,” Bible said of the five-year-old murder case that has never led to criminal charges.Read More……

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