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A former aide is suing New York Attorney General Letitia James for shielding her chief of staff, Ibrahim Khan, over alleged sexual harassment and assault. According to the lawsuit filed on December 15, the stalker “shoved his tongue” down the victim’s throat.

Sofia Quintanar made accusations against Khan for “forcing her tongue down his throat” at a political fundraiser. The incident took place on November 17, 2021 in Brooklyn, according to court records. Following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against Khan, he reportedly resigned from his post.

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Sofia Quintanar Age

The age of Sofia Quintanar is not known exact.

Sofia Quintanar, Alleged sexual assault by ex-chief of staff

“After a successful four-year tenure, I was scheduled to leave office for the private sector at the end of this year. This is not related to an investigation which, however, did not find any official workplace misconduct. I am proud of all that we have accomplished over the past four years in the service of New Yorkers,” Khan said in a statement noting that his resignation had nothing to do with the sexual harassment investigation, reports the New York. Post.


Quintanar accused James’s office of protecting Khan for a long time and passing “misleading statements to the press” that he “was on vacation or with a sick relative” despite being suspended for two months after the allegations were filed. . Complaints of sexual abuse were filed before Election Day and were reportedly hushed up until the AG’s victory.

On December 2, based on the investigation, the attorney general’s office concluded that the chief of staff had engaged in sexual assault and workplace misconduct involving two former employees, according to the New York Post. Without citing any particular statement regarding the allegations, Khan was allowed to resign on November 22 with pay until the end of the year, before the investigation was concluded.

The victim understood the matter only “from press reports that Attorney General James allowed Khan to resign without formally disclosing the reasons for his departure.”


According to the lawsuit, Quintanar alleges that James and the office should not have been involved in covering up the allegations and should have protected her. He also accuses them of being negligent in hiring and supervising Khan. Negligence, retaliation and discrimination are the claims Quintanar has filed against the Attorney General’s office, his office and his campaign, and he accuses James and Khan of unspecified damages.

The complaint filed also mentions that “in similar circumstances”, the Prosecutor’s Office allowed the resignation of a deputy from the press office in 2019.

The Attorney General’s Office hired Quintanar in 2020 as deputy press secretary. In 2021, he worked for Byron Brown, the mayor of Buffalo when he was running for re-election. After Brown’s success, Quintanar’s job search ended with him attending a fundraiser in Brooklyn, where the alleged harassment took place.


In the lawsuit, the former assistant explained the incident where she and Khan met at a fundraiser and the interaction was friendly at first. However, Khan allegedly convinced her to move out of her place by telling her that there was too much noise inside the place.

He “rested the weight of her hand on Quintanar’s shoulder, aggressively pushing her face forward to kiss her, without saying a word. He then stuck his tongue down her throat, still holding onto her shoulder,” the lawsuit states.

Surprised by what happened, Quintanar pushed him and asked him: “Aren’t you married?” “You do not have children?” And what are you doing?” Khan allegedly kept trying to kiss her and Quintanar stepped back, according to the complaint.


Fearing that his career would be destroyed, Quintanar did not appear to discuss the events at first, as he knew “of Khan’s high profile and his power within New York Democratic politics,” the lawsuit says. He later found out that Khan was accused of sexual assault by another former staffer in 2017, the New York Post reports.

Quintanar reported what happened to an investigator from the AG’s office and understood that the result was that Khan was allowed to resign and the office stated that he “gave a victory lap for his time working” for the AG in a public statement, the lawsuit states

According to the New York Post, Quintanar said he hopes speaking out about the incident will help women of color have a voice in the #MeToo movement. “While I fear the effect this could have on my career, I know that fear should never get in the way of doing the right thing,” he said.


He went on to state that “I hope I can give other survivors the courage to find their voice and hold those in positions of power accountable for their actions when they demonstrate a belief that they are above the law.”

“This case is not about politics. It is about abuse of power, lack of due supervision and claiming the rights of Mrs. Quintanar”, stated Quinatanar’s lawyers, Douglas Wigdor and Valdi Licul.Read More

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