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FLORIDA: A coffee shop employee was arrested for hiding a camera in a bathroom to record male victims. Officials are currently looking for anyone who has visited and used the men’s room at the ‘We Spy Coffee & More’ store in Tarpon Springs, Florida, since February 13. Spyridon Voulgarakis was taken into custody on Saturday, March 11, and has been charged with assault and video voyeurism, according to the arrest affidavit and a press release reported by Law and Crime.

In the arrest affidavit, police wrote, “The victim was a customer of ‘We Spy Coffee & More’ located at 505 Dodecanese Boulevard,” adding, “While using the men’s restroom at the business, the victim discovered that he was being videotaped”. by a camera placed under the sink.

Officers said the person explained that he found the phone recording and in front of the bathroom. Police wrote: “The victim reported that the phone caught him using the bathroom,” adding that the victim took the phone, handed over the device, and showed the clip of him using the bathroom.


Spyridon Voulgarakis Age

The age of Spyridon Voulgarakis is not knowen.

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Spyridon Voulgarakis accused of hiding a camera in bathroom to record male victims

According to the documents, the defendant admitted to authorities that he placed the camera there and recorded the men using the bathroom, including the victim who found the phone. Authorities stated: “Post Miranda, the def [sic] advised that he placed his phone in the bathroom, under the sink, to record men he found attractive,” adding: “The def reported that he knew it was illegal to record men the people who used the phone. bathroom.”

The defendant has also confessed that he has recorded about 10 people who have used the bathroom. One officer wrote: “I reviewed the video and noted that the def surreptitiously recorded the victim in a private bathroom capturing his genitals for the purpose of self-gratification.”


Promising that the identities of the victims will be kept confidential under Marsy’s Law, investigators are looking for any victims who have used the ‘We Spy Coffee & More’ bathroom since February 13. “If you have been in ‘We Spy Coffee & More’ since February 13, 2023, used the men’s room, and feel you may be a victim, please contact Detective J Melton at 727.938.2849, case TS23-6590,” authorities wrote.Read More…..

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