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12-year-old Sunnah Khan was remembered as a popular young student looking forward to a bright future. Sunnah, from High Wycombe, Bucks, was swimming with her brother when the horror broke out. She died along with a 17-year-old boy after getting into trouble at the city dock. They were among 10 youths overtaken by rogue waves believed to have been caused by a passing boat on Wednesday.

A family friend said: “She will be missed by all, she was very popular and her death will leave a void that will be impossible to fill. “She had a lot more to look forward to. She was an angel.” More than 200 friends and family gathered for Sunnah’s funeral on Saturday at the Central Mosque in High Wycombe.

Mohammed Rafiq, 65, a trustee of the Wycombe Mosque and Islamic Mission, said people traveled from towns across the region to pay their respects to the Sunnah. He told The Sun: “What happened is tragic for the family. They are very hard working and well respected here, this is a very close community. “There were hundreds of people who came to the funeral, the queue was overflowing.”


Sunnah Khan Age

The age of Sunnah Khan was 12 years.

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Sunnah Khan cause of death

Sunnah was airlifted to hospital in critical condition along with the teenage boy, from Southampton, Hants, before both children died. The other swimmers were treated on the spot. Sunnah traveled to the seaside city with her brother for a mid-term getaway on one of the hottest days of the year.

One of her family members said: “She was an absolute force of nature, loved by all and loved by so many. “She will be greatly missed by her parents, siblings and friends. “There are no words to describe the hole she has left in all of our hearts, but we will remember her every day for the rest of our lives.”


News broke on Saturday that more heroic teens fought for their lives after hearing the screams of beachgoers around 4 p.m. Brave Kaiden Andre, 15, from Basingstoke, Hants, was swimming with his friends when he heard the screams of a man yelling for help.

He tried to drag a man and a woman to the shore before guiding the pair to safety with his friend Iona, who is a good swimmer. His mother, Jody, said: “Kaiden told me that he had never seen the sea so rough. “When I saw my son get off the train on his way home, knowing that someone had lost his child, I can’t tell you how he felt.

“Her instinct with him was just to help, but he really scared him. We can’t believe the bravery he showed.” Iona told the Sunday Times: “The lifeguard asked us if we were sure he was drowning because people were drowning.”


Iona and Kaiden were throwing a ball in the sand when they heard a younger boy calling for help. Iona said: “He was splashing around. One of my friends helped him to safety, but then we realized there were two other people, a man and a woman, struggling even more.” The couple in danger was 18 years old and did not know the victims of the tragedy, they added.

Iona said the man had “inhaled a lot of water” and that he was heavy when they lifted him up and carried him to shore. Kaiden added that the current was “very strong.” They said it was about 15 minutes before a lifeguard on a surfboard swam toward them after Iona raised her arm to attract attention. “The lifeguard put him on a surfboard and he was fine in the end,” added Iona.

She said she saw a boat in the sea “on the horizon” but nothing closer to the swimmers. Iona’s father, Ross Hunter, a former lifeguard who taught Iona lifesaving skills, said he was proud of her daughter. Police officers continued to search the Dorset Belle on Saturday, with the 78ft tour boat still under guard in Poole Harbour.


The ship visited Bournemouth pier minutes before the first 999 calls were made, according to ship tracking site Marine Traffic. A man in his 40s, who was “in the water” at the time, was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and released on investigation Thursday.Read More…..

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