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The aunt of two young children who died in a tragic car accident is reported to have split an entire bottle of tequila with friends before causing a single-car collision on Sunday, December 11.

Kaleah Sharelle Manning, 23, was driving a silver 2004. Honda Odyssey Pickup on Scott Robinson Boulevard around 9:15 PM. m. her when she lost control of the vehicle and crashed head-on into a palm tree.

The impact of the crash wrecked the car and killed two young children identified as Taylor Wilmer, 3, and Rose Wilmer, 2. While Rose was pronounced dead at the scene, Taylor was rushed to University Medical Center, where she succumbed to his injuries. December 12th.


The girls’ mother, Raenysa Clydette-Glenn Washington, 25, was sitting in the front passenger seat when the accident occurred.

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Taylor and Rose Wilmer Age

The age of Taylor was 3 years and the age of  Rose Wilmer was just 2 years.

Taylor and Rose Wilmer, Tragic deaths of Toddlers’ aunt was heavily drunk

A report from Fox5 Vegas indicated that the girls and the mother were at a party before the accident. Her aunt, a delivery girl, picked them up and took them to her friend’s house in her truck. At the friends’ house, they removed the car seats from the vehicle, since they belonged to the friend.

Washington said they don’t have seats of their own because he sold them earlier this week. The van’s second row of seats had been removed and the girls were placed in the third row, buckled in using the second row seat belts.


The police also received confessions from the mother and aunt that they consumed alcohol before the accident. The mother said that her sister and her friend had finished an entire bottle of tequila. Investigating officers reported that upon arrival at the scene, they found an adult female sitting in the driver’s seat, trying to wake the passenger.

They said the driver smelled of alcohol, slurred her words and had bloodshot eyes. Her blood alcohol was reported to be 0.19, which is more than double the legal limit.

Manning told the officer, “I thought she was fine,” adding that she doesn’t typically drive drunk. While Washington faces child endangerment charges, Manning is charged with multiple crimes, including DUI and child endangerment.


The couple is registered with CCDC and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. The tragic death of the two young children has left their families devastated. The girl’s father, Tavon Wilmer, 22, said the car accident was “something that should never have happened.” He added: “My daughters were beautiful and intelligent girls.”Read More……

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