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The new defense attorney for a Wisconsin woman accused of murdering and dismembering her lover while taking methamphetamine and trazodone has argued that a third-degree sexual assault charge should be dismissed because Shad Thyrion was “not a person” under the law at the time. of that alleged fact. offense. Taylor Denise Schabusiness, now 25, appeared in Brown County court when her lawyer, Christopher T. Froelich, made the startling argument that there is “no evidence” that Schabusiness sexually assaulted Thyrion, 25, more beyond statements she made to law enforcement while high. , shows a detailed motion obtained by Law&Crime.

“The defense argues that S.T was not a person at the time of the alleged incident as S.T. passed away and therefore Wis. Stats, 940,225 does not apply. The defense asserts that once the person passes away, they are no longer a person as defined in the jury instructions and the Wis-statute. Stats. 940.225,” the unsealed motion read, in bold type and underlining the argument.

The defense then questioned how Thyrion could have been sexually assaulted if his penis was severed and he was unable to give her consent, because he was already dead. “The State alleges sexual relations, but the alleged victim’s appendix (penis) was apparently found separated from the body of the deceased. The decedent failed to consent to him as specified in Wis. Stats. 940.225(3)(a),” the motion said.


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The age of Taylor Schabusiness is 25 years.

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The defense therefore argued that the “criminal complaint and information are faulty because there are insufficient facts to support the charge on Count 3 – Third Degree Sexual Assault – Felony”.

The Wisconsin Third Degree Sexual Assault Statute, 940.225(3), states that “Anyone who has sexual intercourse with a person without the consent of that person is guilty of a Class G felony” and “Anyone who has sexual contact of the manner described in subsection. (5) (b) 2. or 3. with a person without that person’s consent is guilty of a Class G felony.”


The defense asserted that prosecutors cannot prove that there was sexual intercourse, in the strictest sense of the term. They further stated that “there is no evidence that the defendant intruded into the decedent’s genital opening (penis or anal orifice) as defined in the jury instructions,” again highlighting their argument for emphasis.

“The defense claims that there was an appendix (penis) that was dislodged from a body found on February 23, 2022 when police arrived at the home on Stoney Brook Lane. Defendant was not at the Stoney Brook home when police arrived on February 23, 2022 and was actually at the Eastman Avenue apartment on the date in question. Other alleged body parts were apparently found in a Jimmy Choo bag, alleged body parts in an Under Armor bag, and in a Crock Pot box found in the Chrysler minivan,” the motion continued. “The defendant apparently passed out when she appeared before the police.

The defense asserts and argues that it would be unlikely and almost impossible for a sexual assault to occur with the way the police found the dismembered body. The appendix (penis) was not attached to the body when it was found and the appendix was unable to function due to its condition. The defense further claimed that testing of a dildo that was allegedly “placed in the anus” of Thyrion was “inconclusive for DNA evidence”.


In closing, the defense made their argument as clear as it could be: “No sexual assault can be proven because the penis was disconnected from the body that was found.” “[I]t is impossible for the State to even be able to show probable cause that a sexual assault occurred due to the fact that the body was found allegedly dismembered in many parts,” the motion reiterated.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by Law & Crime, investigators found the victim’s severed head in a bucket in a basement after Thyrion’s mother found the gruesome scene at her Green Bay home. Schabusiness allegedly admitted to investigators that she went “crazy” during methamphetamine-fueled sex and strangled Thyrion with the chain around her neck.

“Schabusiness said that she then began to strangle the Victim, describing it as the Victim lying face down on the bed with her on top of him pulling on the end of the chain. Victim coughed up blood and was just waiting for her to die as she looked at her face. Schabusiness made the comment that she “was already that far away” so she went on, referring to suffocating the Victim,” the criminal complaint states. “Schabusiness said in a lower tone of voice, ‘Yes, I did,’ and Detective Graf believed she was referring to her when she was choking the Victim.”


“Schabusiness said he thought it took 3-5 minutes for the victim to die. Detective Kempf clarified with Schabusiness that when the Victim began coughing up blood, he continued to choke her because she wanted to see what happened. Schabusiness commented that she passed out while she was choking the Victim, but when she woke up, the Victim was already purple, so she moved on,” the documents continued. “Schabusiness said she enjoyed choking him and made comments to detectives asking if they knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it.”

From here, Schabusiness told police they would “have fun trying to find all the organs” she scattered around the scene, including the victim’s penis, authorities said.“Schabusiness stated that all body parts should be in the basement. Schabusiness said there should be a foot or leg in the minivan. Detective Graf asked Schabusiness what she did with her head, and Schabusiness said that she had put the victim’s head in a black bucket and covered it with a blanket,” court documents say.

The defense said that these statements “will be the subject of a motion to suppress the hearing.” Records show that the defense filed its motion on Wednesday, May 24, and prosecutors responded on May 26. A hearing on the now-unsealed motion was held Wednesday in Judge Thomas Walsh’s courtroom. The court record says Froelich argued on behalf of Schabusiness, while Caleb Saunders appeared on behalf of the state.


WBAY reported that prosecutors responded to the motion by saying that statutory 940.225 “applies whether the victim is alive or dead at the time of sexual contact or intercourse.” Another motion hearing has been scheduled for June 13, records show. Jury selection is scheduled to begin July 21, but there has been no shortage of delays in this case due to issues related to Schabusiness’s jurisdiction to appear at trial and the status of her attorney.

Schabusiness officially lost her previous defense attorney, Quinn Jolly, in March when she inexplicably attacked him during a court proceeding, prompting the attorney to immediately drop the case. Defense attorney Heather Richmond formally dropped the case the following month, the court filing says.Read More…..

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