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This is the horrifying moment a man  suspected Thomas 23 casually loads a gun and executes a homeless man on a St. Louis sidewalk. The incident occurred yesterday outside The Globe building. Heartbreaking images shared online show Deshawn Thomas, the shooter, standing behind the homeless victim as he sits on the sidewalk with his hands covering his ears.

After about 20 seconds, the attacker loaded his gun and shot the man at point blank range. Witnesses said they saw the pair fighting outside the Shell gas station further up the street moments earlier.

Thomas fled the scene and was arrested after entering a public library later in the afternoon. It is not clear if Thomas, who has a tattoo on his forehead and a tattoo on his neck, has a criminal record, or if he was on bail or probation at the time of yesterday’s shooting.


Thomas 23 Age

The age of Thomas 23 is 23 years.

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Thomas 23 shot at the man’s head on St Louis sidewalk

Frightened St Louis residents say it is proof that local leaders, including Soros-backed progressive Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, have no control over escalating crime. ‘This is in broad daylight! Have we seen enough? We can’t sugarcoat this any longer. It’s time for STL to do some soul searching. ‘Our elected leaders have NO control over this,’ said one

It is the latest incident in a string of violent crimes in St. Louis, which has the fourth-highest homicide rate in the country. In 2021, there were 200 murders, down from 263 in 2020 but more than 194 in 2019. So far, there have already been 25 murders in the city in 2023.


St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is facing growing calls to resign due to the number of repeat offenders committing violent crimes in the city. Earlier this month, 21-year-old convicted felon Daniel Riley struck a young volleyball player with her car, pinning her to the ground and stealing both of her legs as a result.

Missouri AG Andrew Bailey said he should have been in prison instead of behind the wheel. ‘Instead of protecting victims, Circuit Attorney Gardner is creating them. The driver of the speeding vehicle, Daniel Riley, should never have been in that car. He is a dangerous gunman who should have been in jail. Gardner’s office did not immediately respond to inquiries about Thomas’ background.Read More….

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