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GEORGIA: Trent Lehrkamp, an autistic teenager, was allegedly tortured and forced to drink alcohol, which landed him in a hospital. According to the police, a group of underage students forced the 19-year-old to consume vodka and eat mushrooms. The victim soon lost consciousness and was urinated on and spray painted, local media and authorities reported. According to the Glynn County Police Department, authorities received a call from the Southeast Georgia Health Center around 10:40 p.m. m. informing them about an alleged incident of hazing.

Three minors reportedly dropped Lehrkamp off at the hospital and recorded their names at the emergency room, according to a department news release. The victim, who is said to be on the autism spectrum, had spray paint and was receiving “treatment for a high level of intoxication from a mixture of controlled substances and alcohol,” he said. Additionally, a Facebook post from an account calling itself Glynn County Citizens Patrol shows a photo of four children posing around a man who appears to be outside with his head prowled and covered in items and other substances, according to Fox News.

Trent Lehrkamp Age

The age of Trent Lehrkamp is 19 years.


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Trent Lehrkamp tortured and forced to drink alcohol

“Students at Glynn Academy on St Simons Island are about to make national news,” the photo’s caption read. “These fine young men strapped an unconscious and unresponsive child to a chair, spray-painted him from head to toe, urinated on him, took a m— in his lap and the list goes on and on. Then they left him on the ER. Now he’s on a ventilator fighting for his life. This has all since been removed from SnapChat. Is this what our community has become? A GoFundMe page has been created titled “Justice for Trent” and claims Trent left with the group believing he was out with a friend who came to pick him up at his house.

Trent would not know until it was too late that these were not friends, but vile and abusive perpetrators who would torture, humiliate and assault him in terrifying and inhumane ways for hours on end. in front of the emergency room doors. It was considered unfinished for life; only passing six breaths per minute. Since that night, Trent has been on a ventilator in the ICU, battling a fever and a lung infection. I am sharing this to help support Trent’s family and the medical bills that will likely cripple them as a result of the tragic events that happened to Trent,” Keller wrote on the GoFundMe page. He concludes with: “I am also sharing this to help raise awareness of the situation as it has been five days and still little has been done to bring justice for Trent and his family.” Lehrkamp lost his mother in 2021 unexpectedly at 43 years and his father has not commented on the recent incident.

The Glynn County Police Department said: “We are aware of allegations of an off-campus incident involving several of our current and former students. At this time, the Glynn County Police Department is actively investigating this matter and we are cooperating. Please know that we take all concerns regarding the safety and well-being of our students, both on and off campus, very seriously.”Read More……



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